Olive has had a lot to say tonight. She has followed me to every part of the house while meowing loudly and quite determinedly. Each time I look out a window, she does, too. She has been pacing around, looking at the door and at me. I was tired and got in bed. She repeatedly nudged me and meowed like crazy. Olive wouldn’t let me go to sleep. I finally got out and came back to my comfy chair. Olive has taken up a post at the window. Her neck keeps going back and forth, her eyes watching.

Earlier Olive tried out different places to stretch out. I had never seen her lie on the floor! She also tried the couch, the counter, the dresser and the ottoman. She keeps stopping to listen with a weird look on her face . Then she meows and looks out the window. I get the sense she is waiting for something to happen. Olive seems a little miffed that I am not watching and listening.





Pretty soon I am going to try to go to bed again.