I have made almost 2 dozen trips to the bathroom, today. Around 5 PM, I thought it was over. Ha ha ha ha!

I had cabin fever. The garbage and recycling needed to go out. Since I was dressed, I went out to get flower pictures, too. It didn’t take long to realize that was a mistake 😮

I had to hurry home.

I feel even worse. I am burning up. My guts are in wicked bad pain. I have been sitting here, rocking back and forth to try to ease the pain. All parts of my head and neck are swollen. My belly is swollen tight. My tongue is sore and swollen.

The places I have fistulas, I feel stinging. I would cry if I had tears. They aren’t working. It hurts to breathe. My heart is beating wrong. Oooooooohhhhhh, soooooooooooo miserable 😦