Gee, there’s no end to the ways I can be presumed guilty. Sigh….. I don’t think a day ever goes by that I don’t have a fever at some part of the day. That’s just life in the autoimmune lane. Now that government entities are big into temperature scanning, what’s going to happen to me if I end up at the wrong place at the wrong time? Will I be detained? Put in quarantine? I am so tired of being sick!

Until this obsession with body temperature, I hadn’t thought much about fevers in other people. You mean you don’t have them all the time, too? 😜

I just took back 4 CD’s to the library. I got an email saying they were due last Monday, and promptly forgot in the flurry of appointments and feeling sick. That mistake cost me $4.80. I have never had anything overdue in SLC over the last 2 years. Figures it would happen during the worst possible month financially. I guess that will teach me! Sigh…. I left without borrowing anything else.

I was sooooo queasy after going 3 blocks, that I am sitting in the park, trying to feel better. It’s not working. Still queasy after half an hour and the gnats are biting me. Would you believe I totally forgot about my voice? I asked a librarian how to pay a fine and had no trouble talking. Then he asked if I just forgot to bring the stuff back. I said yes, it’s tough getting old. That sentence was a bunch of broken up words and took me by surprise. I think my missing brain cells often protect me more than hinder me. It’s good to forget some things!

I flew home thanks to the wheelchair….by going on State Street, in the sun. I figured that street had no gnats 🙂 Couldn’t help myself…stopped at DI and bought one book for the grandsons. It made me feel rich to get a nice book for 50 cents.

My neighbor tried to talk to me. It was almost pointless trying to talk to her. It was too hard. I also felt like barfing on her. 😒 I came back to my apartment to sit and stare. How ironic that I have a higher than usual fever going on. I feel icky. I wish I had not gone to the library or DI. I just want to go OUT! It has been gorgeous lately.

About 7 PM I took a sip of water and choked my brains and guts out. I had forgotten to take my Mestinon an hour earlier. Sigh….

Well, that’s about as exciting as my life gets nowadays.