It was bad enough that my A/C quit working a couple of weeks ago, now my bathroom fan has quit, too. Luckily I have three of my own fans going 24/7.

I got dressed and went out to find and fill out a maintenance request. The first sentence I said to my favorite old guy was PERFECT! Of course I got all excited. Then each word after that got harder to utter and more and more broken up. Didn’t take long for my left eye to droop and me to get totally SOB 😣 Then I also realized I had forgotten my keys. The manager had to come open my door. I hate being an idiot! He told me to rest. REST!!!!! All I do is rest!

This morning I was slumped over my sink just like yesterday. I had rinsed dishes and put them in the dishwasher. It had wiped me out and I was trying to catch my breath. I had the kitchen light on. Scared the beejeepers out of me when the laundry lady screamed from the sidewalk to ask if I was OK! I didn’t know people could see that far into my apartment from the sidewalk. Sigh…..

Still having chills/fevers and night sweats. Still significant lung pain. Time to go back to the doc whether he wants to see me or not. I can’t go on like this 😞 I honestly don’t know how I can function at all.

Well, that’s all I wrote Friday. Now it’s Saturday. I had to hear that more than once on the news before I believed it. I feel confused! Days and weeks have been flying past.

Hopefully I am only temporarily awake. As usual, I woke up soaked. My hair is gross and disgusting. My night sweats must be awfully oily. Just took my meds and am waiting for them to work.

My left knee has almost always been whacked. When I lived in Vermont, I HATED walking in crusty snow. Each time I would lift up my left leg, it would come out of the joint. It would get stuck, or even worse, crunch the joint together. For reasons I have never understood, the knee comes unglued at the weirdest times. Last night, every time I rolled over, it came out of joint. I would start screaming in my sleep. Then the vocalization would start a coughing, choking fit. That got me sweating and then the killer thigh cramps would start. OMG!

So, I am still very tired and worn out after almost 8 hours of “sleep”.