I think Olive wants me to go to Food Not Bombs three times a week. I was blissfully asleep when the cat stomped on me. The phone said 10:27. I took a shower, got dressed and was out the door by 10:45. Good thing I have a power chair! I was really weak.

Another one of my neighbors stopped me in the hallway. She wanted to go to FNB. She drove. I got there much later via wheelchair. Oh. My. Gosh!!! That woman complained about EVERYTHING non-stop. Made me crazy!!! She’s not happy mentioning something once or letting things be. She hates every single moment of her existence. I get out most of my frustrations on my blog instead of yakking incessantly to neighbors. She for sure needs an outlet.

I am a basically happy person. Things bug me, people are sometimes annoying….but I don’t get stuck in that place of forever angst. Most of my anger is a flash and it’s over. What a drag to be in that mental space all the time! 😣

I tried to talk to her about faith in God. It went OK for a minute or two. Really, if I didn’t have faith and truly understand that I am a beloved child of God, there would be nothing to live for. I don’t know how people can cope with life without that knowledge. Knowing this is mortality and eternity is ahead makes it all sooooooo much easier. I am here to enjoy nature, love my daughter, interact with people and learn stuff. When I am done with this plane of existence, there’s more. And the next stage won’t hurt 😃

I was near the head of the line and went through three times. Came home and had a tomato/naan salad with a few oatmeal cookies.

I keep searching for answers online, but haven’t found any yet. No idea what’s going on, but the air is full of awful smoke. I tried using the A/C that doesn’t work, then gave up and opened the window again. Either way draws in the smoke. Ouchy lungs!!! We must be back to temperature inversion weather 😔


My Jehovah’s Witness neighbor brought me the last two magazines. I love her, not so much the Watchtower. We spent a long time chatting. It is torture to talk and torture not to! I held up my neck with both hands when my neck and throat got real weak. We both noticed my voice sounded better. She told me to tip my head all the way back…as far as it would go. My voice was normal!!! After a couple of sentences it went back to being broken up, though.

I paid dearly for those experiments. Both eyelids drooped, my chest hurt like heck, my jaws got sore and lots of lymphs swelled up. The back of my head swelled up the most. After she left, the chills and fever hit. I feel just like I have the flu. That seems to be my body’s default feeling when I am exhausted.

Aha! Stupid football finally ended. On the news, there were two different apartment fires in SLC 😧 One is close to the east, one to the west. Geeze! No wonder there was so much smoke.

This just might be another pain pill night. I am in TONS of pain. I never ever learn. My urge to talk is strong…my ability to shut up, not so strong. And talking equals choking and coughing. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch!!!!