I enjoy Heather’s sarcasm 😀 She points out silly things I do….like get surprised when I choke and get weak from being late to take Mestinon. Yes, it IS always new to me 😜

I napped about four hours Sunday. Woke up with sore, raw lungs. I am worried that the antibiotic started to work, but that the infection is winning. I hope I am wrong. Maybe resting and plenty of sleep will help?

Olive hated her salmon and sweet potato cat food. But gosh, she loves real Alaskan salmon! I heated up salmon, leftover squash and some polenta chunks for my dinner. Olive jumped right up to my plate and tried to snag the fish! I gave her quite a bit as I ate…otherwise she would have stolen it! I have never seen her be so bold.

All day today I have been feeling the creepy numbness that I get in my tongue and face just before fasciculations start. I don’t like it! I am also still sleepy, despite the nap.

When I went to bed, I thought “I need to take a Mestinon and Motrin around 1:30 AM”. After I had been asleep 3 hours, Olive woke me up by stomping across my bladder several times while meowing very loud and poking her face into mine. I got up for self protection. It was exactly 1:30. She kept being obnoxious until I took my pills.

This has happened a bunch of times now. Does the cat tell time…or does something change in my breathing? Do I writhe around? What??? Interesting, huh? More and more Olive proves herself to be a “service cat”. Whenever I am in distress, she meows loud and long. Must be a Heather clone 😄

Now that the meds are safely in me, Olive is busy looking out the window. My lungs still feel sore and raw. When it’s hurting the most, my heart beats funny.

At 7:30 this morning, Olive woke me up again so I would take my meds! What’s going on here? She is better than a timer.

I went over to Deseret Industries and found some great kid books to start a whole new collection for when the grandkids visit again. I was a victim of sneaky weather. The forecast called for 0% chance of rain and sunny skies. As I sat in my chair, I watched the mountains get swallowed up by clouds, and the rain came down. Around 10, the sun came out. I took out the garbage and the clouds turned dark. I started for DI and wham!!! Oh, hail! The bouncy ice balls were raining down. I scooted under the apartment’s metal patio cover. Noisy! Then I pulled up my hood and sped over. I spent a looooooong time reading books, so the weather was calmer when I came home.

By then I was hungry. I had a box of Balinese noodles from a previous FNB, plus a broccoli and a red and a yellow pepper from FNB. I had a package of tempeh in the fridge. Made a real yummy stir fry. That’s when I realized I had done all that standing to cook! Holy moly! I haven’t been this strong in many months! All of these antibiotic pills and hours of sleeping are working 😀 YES!!!!!

I still feel kinda yucky, so it’s amazing that my body is busy healing and getting stronger! 😄

But….that brings me back to being REALLY MAD that I wasn’t correctly treated for MG and infection all these months. Dang it! I hope this is a lesson for me and my docs. I hope none of us forget.

We are supposed to have our first freeze in SLC tonight. Heather got out of here just in time. On the other side of the mountains, in Park City, they are already making snow. This might be the first night that I close my bedroom window. The maintenance man brought me window locks so I can stay safe.

It has taken me more than a whole day to write this much. I have the attention span of a gnat. Sigh…..