I figured I had better write quick before my fever comes back. I have been in a daze much of the last few days.

The doxycycline has absolutely, positively helped…but I don’t think it has even begun to knock the systemic infection out of me. My next battle will be getting docs to do blood tests or whatever they need to find out what infection is lurking inside my lungs and/or intestines.

The afternoon chills and all night long night sweats are only getting more intense. The times of the day without fever, I am lucid. The rest of the time my brain feels fried and my body is weak. I continue to have problems with swallowing and subsequent choking.

Thursday I felt pretty good when I left for FNB in the park. My first trip through the line, I was given a chocolate chip cookie. Well, of course after the first bite I struggled to swallow. When I started choking, I aspirated a crumb. It was all downhill from there. My voice went back to dysarthria, my left eye drooped, my vision got all double and blurry and I lost most of my strength. It bummed me out to realize just how fragile my recovery has been. My MG is still very close to crisis. I need treatment to get better. No way around it.

Hmmmm….good day for tomatoes 🙂 I put away the cold stuff and then it was time to get ready for my shrink appointment. I scored!!! He is recommending that I get a caseworker from his organization. Yes! This person will help me fight the medical system and has the ability to help me with transportation and other logistics. This is the type of caseworker I have been trying to get for two years!!! I hope this person is as billed. I meet them the middle of next month.

Again, my shrink says I should be suing for malpractice. So I have the disability law center and the shrink pushing for that. The caseworker is supposed to facilitate things to work towards a lawsuit. Scary but exciting! I sure am glad I called mental health when the ER doc tried accusing me of just seeking attention and having Munchausens. She’s the kind of doc who deserves a malpractice suit. The big problem for her is the idiot neuro said things to her that egged her on. It was VERY irresponsible of her to make pronouncements like that after knowing me a few minutes. I could have died.

Yes, I am mad! Now I am feeling more empowered with back up. I don’t understand why health care is so adversarial. I am thoroughly baffled why they aren’t trying to heal me. Oh, ummm, yup, there’s the politics of health care for the poor in Utah….and most of all, they don’t want to spend the time or money to heal me.

That’s pretty spooky Halloween stuff!