I am not feeling well. Sigh…. I have been alternating chills and fever. It hurts. My head feels raw inside. So do my lungs. My eyes hurt so bad that I closed the blinds. The light between the slats is piercing into my skull. I took my last antibiotic this morning. This doesn’t bode well.

I know I was pushing it, but I decided to hop the bus and shop at the new Chinatown mall. I took the bus down State Street to 3300. The building is very similar to one in Portland, Oregon. The grocery store is huge and well lit. I asked if they took food stamps and was told yes. After filling one bag, I was about halfway through the store when the cashier came and told me they couldn’t take FS because the system was down. Yes, I burst into tears. I spent all that time getting there and then shopping all for nothing. I used up every speck of my energy. I decided to pay cash for the ground pork and baby bok choys. Everything else I put back.

I can’t think of many reasons why I would go back to Chinatown. There are two Asian markets pretty close by that have the same stuff without the obnoxious fluorescent lights.

I got a call from my new lawyers. They are two young sounding women. We meet up next week. Here’s hoping they can kick some butt.

Geeze, at 6:30, I am having brutal chills. Gotta go…..

Olive was lying on the couch with all four paws in the air. The flash made her move. Darn! Great Halloween cat 😉