Yes, I am listening to Lawrence Welk on BYU TV. The clothes, the hairstyles, they bring back memories. There were some good things about the good old days, and some not! This show reminds me of high school. I couldn’t take shop or mechanical drawing because I was a girl…but I needed the mechanical drawing as a prerequisite to get into forestry school. I still got accepted at SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry and the University of Montana in Missoula, but it made me mad to be discriminated against!

While in college, I made money as a cook. Male bosses were always trying to sexually harass me. And they said rude things like women took a week off for “that time of the month” and women were too weak to lift pots and pans. A lot has changed for the better.

The 60’s and 70’s inevitably bring me back to bad memories of being hit, kicked, thrown and boards broken over me. Fathers don’t get away with that crap nowadays. If they try, they go to jail.

I have spent my entire life trying to strip away the secrets and taboos so that just about anything can be talked about. The more secrecy or embarassment, the less knowledge is passed around and the more evil that people can get away with. I don’t like secrets!

I suppose watching Lawrence Welk is almost as stressful as it is enjoyable. Each time my mind wanders down paths from that era. Sigh…it’s good to remember that really, despite problems and challenges, we are living in the best of times.

Today I haven’t even opened my apartment door. I have been sick all day. I did open my windows. It looked like a gorgeous day 😊 The fresh air felt great!

I gave Olive a fresh shot of catnip on her scratching pad. She was WILD! The rest of the time she has been sleeping it off 😺 She was kind of like this…