The snow started just after noon. So far the flakes are lazy and few and far between. For lunch I cooked some Chinese egg noodles and added the slow cooker chicken broth and some cut up meat. Then I put in Chinese dried shallots and shiitakes, shallot oil, garlic oil, mirin, soy sauce and some Bangkok seasoning. I put on my kitchen glasses while reading the noodle directions.

Then I went to the bathroom and put on my bathroom glasses. I sat down to eat soup and put on my comfy chair glasses to read the online TV Guide. Later, I got up to put the soup bowl in the sink. When I took the glasses off my face, they got stuck on something. I felt on top of my head and there were glasses. I took them off and there was another pair up there! Geeze.

That speaks volumes about my mental state. I feel like I am in la la land. Everything is a blur.

Earlier I called radiology. The girl said my doctor hasn’t responded. Gee, this scan was supposed to be stat on Monday!

My voice worked fine while talking to her. Then I called my insurance company. I got out a sentence or two and became unintelligible. The woman was a real snot about it. After a long exchange, the woman agreed to send me the paperwork that was promised back in July.

It’s always interesting to see how people treat me when my voice doesn’t work. Some are patient and kind, some treat me like scum. I think some believe I am on drugs or alcohol. Others just think disabled people are a freak of nature and don’t want to be tainted by it.

The snow was only for a few minutes. I can see it snowing on the benches, AKA foothills, though. What a dark, dreary day. The forecast calls for rain later, but our temperature is still in the 20’s. Hard to believe it will rain. If it does, yikes! Ice.

I feel yucky. Chicken soup didn’t cure me. Olive and I are slugs. Just resting and nesting. She is the smart one.