I guess it’s because I prefer being cool to being hot. The high today was 36. I had the windows open about half the day. It felt good 😀 I wish I felt good, but you can’t have everything.

The short mountains are now covered with snow. We don’t have any snow here in SLC. The mountains look fresh and clean and sparkly.

I went outside to dump garbage with no coat on. You would think it was below zero from people’s reactions. Then I sat and waited for my new home teachers.

I stared at the door. I was surprised when an older couple came to the door. Turns out one of the guys couldn’t make it, so one man brought his wife. My voice hasn’t worked for several days. That was frustrating! Amazing how often I talk about daughter and doctor. My broken voice makes them sound exactly the same. Finally I switched to calling Heather my kid.

I have hooked more people on salt lamps. This couple were amazed how much fresher the air is in my apartment compared to the hallway. They decided to buy some of their own. I need to start a salt lamp business. Snicker….

Talking to them made my eye droop. When I showed them how to make my voice work by tipping back and holding up my head, that was the end of fun Wendy. My eye drooped shut, my breathing became a huge struggle and I was massively dizzy. Good thing I waited until they were about to leave for that stupid trick. Sigh…

Now I am back to battling wicked painful swollen lymphs and super owie collar bones. My ribs do NOT get happy from all that desperate sucking in of air. Oh! Glad I wrote that! I just took meds. That should help. No chills yet tonight. I am more like a frog in a pot. I have been getting hotter and hotter for hours.

Last night was the usual torture of non stop night sweats. I can feel really big swollen lymphs in the cracks of my legs and near my hips. It’s interesting that some lymphs hurt like heck and others I don’t have pain from. Also, my hand joints can be excruciating the last few days. My other joints are working at achieving that level of pain. And oh, let’s not forget the killer headache 😕

I sure hope the CT scan will help doctors pinpoint what the heck is going on. Have you ever had a fever for months???? I don’t recommend it!!!!!