Today (Friday) I spent a lot of time thinking about my travels all over North America. I also thought about all of the places I have lived and the jobs I had, the colleges I have attended, the friends and lovers…and most of all my daughter. Wow! I have been there and done that ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

I have had an interesting life. Some stuff was difficult, some fun. I have learned a lot. I am sooooooo grateful that much of my life has been lived in forests and fields, near ponds, lakes, rivers and creeks. I know the hush of deep snow and the squeak of below zero. I have hacked ice to get my daily water and cultivated the earth to grow my food. I know the soft sounds of chickens in their coop and the raucous honking of geese informing me of visitors.

I have thrown my body down on grass and pine needles and sand and moss. I woke up to sunrises in the desert, the woods, the Grand Canyon and by the ocean in Florida.

I traveled by foot and bike and canoes and rafts and skis and RV’s. There were planes, trains, buses and boats. I have driven all sorts of motorcycles, cars, trucks and vans, I hitchhiked across the country many times and I picked up all the interesting people with their thumb out.

I sewed and knitted and painted. There was quilling and batik and pottery and macrame. I built things, I tore down things.

I loved my daughter with all my heart and soul. We went on adventures, we read books, we fought and we hugged. We sang and we laughed and we talked.

And the food I have cooked! Shrimp right out of the Gulf, lamb from the Navajo, mac and cheese on the tailgate, treats from the dumpster and lobsters from Maine. We bought cherries in Montana, tamales in California, tropical fruits in the Keys, cane syrup in Georgia and boiled peanuts in the panhandle of Florida.

There have been a zillion highlights and thanks to the passage of time, I have forgotten most of the trauma.

I loved to sew crazy quilts. My life has been like a crazy quilt…a riot of colors and shapes and textures.

Today I got a bit melancholy. I miss road trips and camping! Will I ever be strong enough to drive again? Will I ever camp again? I don’t know.

I am grateful I boldly followed my passions while I could. I am glad I crammed so much LIFE in my life.

This being sick all the time is frustrating! My whole life I was a leader. Now I feel kinda lost. I want to change things up. I want and need a new focus. I pray that God uses me and prompts me to take the correct fork in the road. If I am supposed to stay still, I pray for the strength to accept that.

I didn’t take a Valium last night. I slept well, but today (Saturday) my leg/hips/spine hurt like heck and are having muscle spasms. I don’t like the woozy feeling I get from Valium, but it does appear to help my muscles and skeleton. I slept a couple of hours this afternoon and woke up with deep hip/leg pain. I tried to sit in my very UNcomfy chair and gave in and took a Valium. I guess those joints and muscles need persuasion to relax.

Olive was happy today. Three people have come to visit. She rubbed all over them and flitted from place to place.

This morning, in the pouring rain, I went to FNB. I only went because one of the guys said it was a big haul. It was in the Boing! House, so one of the residents came out, got my bags, and filled them. He put them on the back of my powerchair and I zoomed home, getting soaked despite my big umbrella. Unpacking was an adventure since I had no idea what was being picked out for me. Figures, I got two bags of fruits and veggies yesterday and some of the same things today. I gave the three small, round loaves of bread to my neighbor for the birds. I’m set with fruits and veggies! For breakfast I mixed the FNB antipasto with cucumber, halved cherry tomatoes and fake crab.

I had the chills from 11 AM to 9 PM. Then I spent an hour burning up. Finally I am the right temperature!

Here’s to a good night’s sleep for all!