Ugh! I got up at 6 AM to take a shower and get dressed. I was out the door by 7. I had only made it a few yards when I was almost run over. Some idiot turned down the dead end one half block lane between this building and the parking garage. They were on their cellphone and bent down as they turned the corner. The car came diagonally across the lane, directly at me 😧 At the last second, they wildly swerved back. At the next block I crossed twice, north and east. Both times people turned right on red and came within feet of hitting me and the chair. At the next block, a woman was walking her dog. She kept turning to stare at me as I got closer. She liked my flashing headlamp. I told her I had almost been hit three times in two blocks despite the flashing light and large orange reflective flag. She suggested I wrap myself in Christmas lights 😉

Salt Lake City roads are wide… you can turn your team of oxen around. My flashing light was making all the road signs above and across from the intersections flash and glow. I definitely wasn’t invisible!

Got on TRAX and we made it one stop. Yet another idiot! A car had hopped the cement barrier between the road and tracks. They were hung up on the cement, with both tires running free. We had to wait for a train coming the other way. Then we each got off the trains we were on and switched to the other side. The stop I needed to get off at was the scene of the debacle. I think it was a Prius. The TRAX cops were trying to figure out how to move it. Crane? Geeze.

Several more times aggressive drivers almost clipped me at intersections as I made my way to the hospital. I’m surprised my BP was normal when I got to the neurologist’s office!

I like this neuro. He leafed through my medical records of past IVIg’s. He pointed out my droopy eyes and called my strength “profoundly weak”. We discussed how IVIg makes me much better. He worried about me getting IVIg because I have had strokes. He watched the video of my face and tongue fasciculations. He had his nurse copy all the records I brought with me. The neuro promised to read all the paperwork and he will see me again next month.

Like almost every neurologist before him, he suspects MS. He also wonders if I have other neurological things not diagnosed yet. He PROMISED that he will figure out what’s going on and TREAT IT!!!! More waiting. But at least it’s hopeful waiting. I made it clear to him how much I loathe the first neuro I saw in Utah. This neuro had some amusing things to say about the guy. Snicker….the nurse said they hear bad stuff about that idiot neuro ALL the time.

The TRAX ride home was uneventful. Crossing streets in my chair was much better in daylight. Got to the road DI is on and a big box truck came towards us billowing major smoke. It turned the corner onto my street. The guy standing on the corner with me was freaked. We watched it turn the corner and it instantly disappeared in wicked thick and acrid smoke. All around the roll-up back door, there was smoke billowing out. Our whole block was so bad that no one could see more than maybe 10 feet. I got to the lane and quick turned. The truck was parked on the street right in front of this building.

I don’t know what went on afterward. They must have used fire extinguishers on it. Yikes!!!

Home sweet home. I am going to rest. I earned it!