Still having my love/hate relationship with Valium. I love sleeping and HATE feeling dopey!

It was a weird FNB day. A new person went to get food from stores. She drove all the way here from West Jordan. I heard her telling someone that she only took about half that the store offered. What was she thinking!?!?!!! Later, I got a message that there was more food available at 1 PM. It was after that when I saw the message. Too bad. Hopefully that volunteer will figure things out over time.

It took me a long time to get ready this morning. It was incredibly painful putting clothes on. I sat down for the purple long johns and Ugg boots. What a struggle to put my left boot on! My leg and foot are so swollen that I almost gave up.



By the time I got home from FNB, there was no place else for my leg to swell but above my boot…and it hurt! I realized that the reason I am so SOB right now is the swelling all over me. My belly is swollen and all around my lungs is full of edema. It sure doesn’t feel good šŸ˜•

This morning my voice worked for a few sentences and broke. When the phone rang this afternoon, I was really surprised when my voice was perfect. You know what’s a bummer? I haven’t been able to taste today.

I got sleepy after 5 and woke up after 9. I writhed around quite a bit before I woke up enough to get up. It was wicked bad painful šŸ˜• I had really wanted to skip the Valium tonight. The ache in my left leg is deep down. I am hoping I don’t have a blood clot or something like that going on. This pain is brutal. has it been three weeks now?

I just got an email asking if I would like to be part of a study about lower back pain. I’m signed up to see a physical therapist after Christmas and they want to talk to me first. Hmmmm…sounds interesting.

I spent the last hour going through medical paperwork for my neurologist appointment on Wednesday. This feels like my last gasp attempt at getting IVIg in Utah. I am both hopeful and terrified.

It was REALLY depressing going through doctor and hospital paperwork for the last couple of years. It seems unbelievable that so much has happened to me. I sure will be glad if my belly wound ever heals shut! This poor old body is beat up.

Wow, that was weird. The doctor doing the back pain study called me after 11 PM and made an appointment to see me Thursday. He was excited that someone answered his email and was awake. If they accept me in the study, I get $20 for cooperating šŸ˜€ Gee, I’m glad I took the nap.