I haven’t recovered from yesterday yet. I feel like a groggy, sleepy, bazillion pound blob. I can barely move and breathing is a struggle. I have an appointment in a couple of hours.

I wrote that much and realized I had to get ready. I checked the weather and it said a partly sunny day with no precipitation. I get outside and it’s raining! The closer I got to TRAX, the bigger the raindrops. I got off TRAX at the south campus station and it was SNOWING!!!!! Figures. I had to go 7/10ths of a mile by wheelchair to the orthopedic center. What a PITA in the wind and snow. I got there a little too early and hadn’t eaten, so I blew money on their cafeteria. I got a breakfast burrito.

Went back to PT and was whisked to an office. The doctor doing the back pain study was very nice, and fun to talk to 😄 He is from Saudi Arabia. His country FORCED him to come here for education. He said he was scared because he’s Muslim and he had heard bad things about how he would be treated. He has been here 5 years so far and loves it. After an hour of the professional stuff, he spent half an hour telling me about his father’s mango farm, his trips to the Red Sea, and he had pics of Yemen/Saudi feasts. He told me the three best places in town to eat that kind of food. Heather…remember Shawarma King, Shish Kabob House and Shahrazad Restaurant. That’s his order of preference. 😃 We had a great time.

When I left the building after noon, it was a gorgeous day in the 40’s. I met an interesting guy at the bus stop. He works at the SPCA where I got Olive. He is excited because he is soon going to adopt a miniature shepherd as a service dog for his brittle diabetes. He told me to get on the black campus bus. The wheelchair lift quit working and the bus driver had to use a hand crank to get me on the bus. He flew around an intersection at excessive speed and my chair did several 360’s inside the bus. What a rush! I got off at the regular hospital so I could use the handicap bathroom. Then I got free water in the cafeteria and snarfed up their wifi. I went out to TRAX, pushed the handicap ramp button to get on the train. The ramp came out half way, the door closed and the train took off!!!! There was only inches between my wheelchair foot rests and the side of the train. I was wedged between a pillar and the train, on the platform. GEEZUM CROW!!!!!!!!! By the time the next train came along, my heart rate was almost back to normal.

I got off TRAX and zoomed a few blocks to my counselor appointment. I talked to him about the transitional care person. He didn’t know anything about her. He wasn’t impressed with what I told him. We had a good time talking. We did get to a part that made me cry. He was doing a computer assessment thing. He asked if I feel guilty. That’s always a sure tear jerker for me. I told him that I feel guilty for being sick. He looked at me incredulously and with almost the same facial expression and tone of voice said pretty much what Heather always does. I said I believe in the atonement, I know I have nothing to feel guilty about, I have read books about it and been in counseling, but I still feel guilty. He said a huge burden would be lifted off me if I could learn to believe it’s not my fault that I am sick. Sigh….

It sure was nice to come home in the daylight! Enough people try to run me over with perfect daytime visibility. I got to my apartment and there was a pile of boxes up against the door. Christmas! Wow 😊 Thank you! I don’t know what I would do without people helping me get things I need…and sometimes things that are wants, too. I appreciate the help from the bottom of my heart 💝

The zooming around and going to appointments has made me zombie like. A full night’s sleep would sure be icing on the cake. 😴💤