I went to DI this morning to buy kid books. I dropped my purse on the floor and picked it up. Unfortunately my cell phone fell out and I didn’t know it. It was promptly stolen. I talked to the store people who reviewed their security cameras, I went to the cops, the bank, erased my phone remotely, cancelled StraightTalk, etc.

I tried to get a free Lifeline phone, but the last time I did that, it was for Rhett. The system says I still have Lifeline more than a year and a half after it was cancelled. I need to call the government and figure out the glitch.

Now no phone, no computer. My blog looks very different on this borrowed apartment complex computer than on my cell.

I am thinking I should just use a free phone and get internet. Tablets are a cheap alternative to computers now. Unlimited internet would open up a whole new world to me.

I am soooooooooo bummed about my phone. I am not thinking nice thoughts about the opportunist who grabbed it and ran. Grrrrrrrr…..