I came down to the computer room to calm down. The fire alarm keeps going off. The woman in the apartment diagonal across the hall from me set fire to her apartment with a candle. I kept hearing faint beeping and briefly thought maybe my cellphone was found. No such luck. Then I realized my apartment was filling full of smoke. Almost instantly the strobe light and ear piercing all apartment building fire alarm went off.

I keep Olive’s cat carrier on my dresser for just such emergencies. She hid under the bed, the chair, the couch, then on the cabinet above the fridge. I used a wooden spoon to pull her towards me and caught the leaping cat with only a few scratches. I stuffed her in the cat carrier, flung 2 coats on the wheelchair, grabbed keys and wallet, put my skirt behind my back and fled the building. I was just wearing a big shirt and my purple long underwear. Once I was safe outside, I apologized to the men around, stood up and pulled on my skirt and put on both coats and my gloves. This is the first day of the whole season that we got snow here in the valley and it has been coming down hard.

Then I asked the nutso woman who had started the fire if she had called 911. Nope. I called. The fire truck didn’t even have lights or siren on when it got here. I don’t think anyone else was on the roads. They used big fans to clear the smoke in my hallway. We had to stay outside a long time, then the firemen let us sit in the lobby. It took “forever” until the alarm and strobe stopped. Then for hours afterwards, each time they tried to turn the system back on, the alarm went off. Finally we were allowed to go in our apartments. Olive ran under something and wouldn’t come back out. I have my window open and a fan facing out, but the smoke is nasty and acrid.

What a fun way to spend Christmas!!!!

The torched apartment is uninhabitable. I have complained about this woman before. All summer she smoked spice in front of my window. A couple of days ago she looked dead out in her car after doing drugs. I watched for about an hour until I saw her move and breathe again. Soooo NOT happy about that sort of neighbor 😦

My lungs have been in tough shape this week. That didn’t help.

Well, I hope your Christmas has been less eventful than mine. I hope to get back online sometime in January. I did get one of those free 250 minute phones that come with food stamps. Now that I won’t be paying for a phone, I hope to use that money for internet access. I have seriously missed getting online on something bigger than a cell phone. Anybody have input on Xfinity? Good or bad internet provider? One good thing about them is all the free wifi hot spots around SLC.