We had balmy weather most of the fall. Today the wind chill, even here in Salt Lake, is around 20 below zero. On the TV, it shows hurricane force winds with blowing snow and semis blown around the road only a few miles from here. So…..it could be worse.

It’s a good thing I like my apartment cool. I got up at 7 AM, turned on the heat, and nothing happened. I leave the heat off all night because the oxygen concentrator puts out so much warmth. At 8 AM I figured my heater was broken, so went to find the manager. At first he said it was the computer board, then the igniter, then the thermostat. He is calling for a corporate fix-it guy to come deal with it. I guess I will postpone my shower until later. Brrrrr…..

So, I came out to the computer room for warmth. Hi! What’s new with everybody else? Are you having fun?

I should have my new internet device soon. It’s called a chromebook. I have been fascinated reading about them. They are fairly cheap and it will weigh around 3 pounds. It comes with one terabyte of storage in the cloud. It automatically updates the operating system and also the virus protection. It’s NOT Windows 🙂 It’s Google. This is more like what computers should have been like all along. It sounds fairly foolproof. My neighbors are ALWAYS complaining about their Windows computers messing up.

Soooooo…..I look forward to an apartment with heat and a way to get on the internet 🙂 Without a smart phone, my next hurdle is to find a cheap but decent digital camera. I mostly take pics of flowers, the cat and me. It doesn’t need to be fancy. Any recommendations? I loved my old Olympus camera. What’s good and cheap nowadays? Studying up on phones, tablets, laptops, cameras and internet providers makes me realize how far behind the times I have gotten. I am one of those old people, living in a senior apartment building and the world is going by REALLY fast!