More scary stuff. I woke up a few hours after falling asleep. I was in too much pain to stay in bed. This bout of intense arthritis is obnoxious. I sat here catching up on the 300-something blog posts waiting for me in Feedly since I went without internet. My belly itched. I barely touched it and it has been gushing blood for a while now 😮 I don’t think my belly has bled this much ever since the day it was cut open. This unusual bleeding is not a good sign. Sigh….

I have been very weak. I wonder if it’s more than MG? I am thinking the SOB and awful dizziness is my anemia getting worse…..or something! I just don’t feel right. I look more yellow than white, though. Hmmmm…

I just realized I needed to add my online medical records to my toolbar. Wow! The computer version of my records is way bigger than the mobile version. The list of diagnosis’ is long. It says West Nile fever 2012. If it’s in my records, why do so many doctors look at me like an alien when I tell them about it? My belief, based on how much weirder I feel since getting it, is that WNV does an awful lot of damage to the body. I am grateful to have my WNV support groups because we all have most of the same symptoms years after being bit. Most docs have no clue about long term effects.

The reason I wanted to look at my records is to check out blood tests. Last month my platelets were OK. That’s good. The lack of them can cause strange bleeding. Hemoglobin 10.2, ferritin 13, hematocrit 35.3. I am better than I have been, but it sure could be better. I feel worse than those numbers right now. In Vermont I got halfway decent at guessing when I needed the next blood transfusion. I am feeling close. My last one was in June. The last few times I was tested for APS (antiphospholipid syndrome), it was negative. It used to be positive. Everything about me medically is confusing!

Around noon, I started wheezing so loud that I couldn’t hear the news. It was that darned upstairs cleaning lady again. I don’t know what chemicals she’s using, but they sure hurt. I just love the way sounds and smells come through the bathroom fan….NOT!!! The choking has commenced. I opened the window and I turned on the bathroom fan and left the door just barely open so that Olive can get to the cat box. Now I am even dizzier and weaker. My heart is pounding. I really need one of those chairs that lift me up and dump me out. Dang.

I got real sad when I realized that my stereo is based on my iPhone. I am still kicking myself for not noticing when my phone fell out of my purse. I depended on that phone for soooooooo many things! GPS map directions, on the go public transit directions, phone, texts, videos, photos, several cool apps, entertainment at doc offices, showing docs medical pics and videos of me and on and on. I was spoiled. The upside is that I have a free no frills phone and now truly unlimited and fast internet on my chromebook. So I guess I should just stay home and quit going places 🙂 As is, the last time I bought food was December 20th. There are 3 days in the forecast that say temps in the 50’s coming up. I hope I feel good enough to venture out on one of those days. I don’t NEED anything, but I miss onions! I miss my organic garden, greenhouse, root cellar, freezers and huge pantry. Those were the days!