Ohhhhhhh, my gosh! It’s totally not fair that 2 and 4 year olds have so much energy….and I don’t. I did my best to stay alive and alert. We didn’t do much together outside the apartment. I was too sick and weak. But….I did preside over a few craft free-for-all sessions. Most of the time my daughter and grandsons were here, it looked like a craft store blew up. The 4 year old would try to do projects and the 2 year old specialized in throwing, ripping and dumping whatever he could get his hands on. I don’t know how Heather…or anyone!…lives through having two or more small children. Wow. There aren’t enough hours in the day for everything, especially for mom to sleep.

Saturday I woke up feeling real yucky. I still feel that way. I am not much fun. I just sit here like a lump. The kids don’t seem too put out by it, though. I got lots of hugs and kisses while they were here and when they left.


Heather swept and picked up and rearranged A LOT. It hardly made a dent. I cannot imagine all she does day in and day out. Mothers are totally under-appreciated for all they do.

When they all left, I cleaned. I am sure I will be finding random art works and craft supplies for weeks….especially glitter and sequins. The other fun things are sticky rice and cuties. The kids have rice stuck to EVERYTHING and bits of peels are EVERYWHERE. Sticky rice and small oranges are their basic food stuffs.

The camera Heather gave me is pretty nifty! I found the owner’s manual online. I wonder how many weeks until I have it learned? The manual is 43 pages, but it’s all unfamiliar to me. I am not the brightest bulb around. I love a challenge 🙂

One nice thing about the forecast is that they were wrong about the temperature inversion. We had a good air day when it was forecast to be in the caution zone. We had only one day in the yellow zone. Today it’s back to good! I love it when forecasters are wrong in a good way 🙂 It is supposed to get worse overnight and for a few days to come.

As you can tell from my picture, I am in desperate need of a haircut. If I get it done before the 31st, I have a coupon good for an $8 cut. I NEED to feel well! This week I have 2 appointments. One with the neuro, one with the replacement for the fantastic psychiatrist. I only got to see the psychiatrist twice in one week. She was all excited about getting me genetic testing for my chronic illnesses, and now she is gone 😦 I don’t know what good it will be to see the replacement. I don’t think the replacement is a real doctor. What a bummer!

And about the spasmodic dysphonia…I joined a few support groups and posted my voice videos. They all thought I have SD….but worse than anybody else. Figures. While looking at and listening to SD videos, I discovered there is a voice disorder center in my health system. I am going to ask my doc for a referral. At least half the time Heather and the kids were here, my voice was broken. I had to call the resident assistant to tell her my drain was clogged. She couldn’t understand a word I said. Good thing I could just hand the phone to Heather and get her to talk….just like the old days 🙂

The drain fixer came. When he was done with the kitchen sink, I asked if he could do the shower drain, sink and toilet. I could hear the poor guy wretching in there. He said it really needed cleaning. The drains in this apartment were never good. The woman here before me practically owned stock in Liquid Plummer. This place avoids all maintenance until it’s a crisis. We tried one of her bottles of Liquid Plummer last night. It didn’t help at all. Gross. The good news is that the drains have never worked better 🙂