The worse the air got, the more my ribs hurt from trying to breathe and the worse my headache. Right now it hurts like heck. Good thing Heather and the kids got out of here! Yuck.

I wanted to get my hair cut, but I have zero energy. My vision has been double and blurry all day. Not only did my left eyelid close shut, it has been having spasms. Feels creepy. I can’t ever remember this many eye twitches. I haven’t stepped foot outside the apartment.

I wrote to the world reknowned speech doc here in SLC. He seemed excited about seeing someone with spasmodic dysarthria and neurological misfires. I sent him a link to my videos. I am glad he wrote back. I can’t talk on the phone and be understood. He says to call and make an appointment. Ha, ha! I suppose the receptionist there is used to crummy voices.

On a couple of my groups, we were talking about SNAP. People were complaining that they aren’t eligible. I pointed out my finances. It always comes as a shock to newbies that you have to be POOR to get help. I wrote….

My SSI disability is $733/month. Of that, I pay $515 rent for a handicap accessible place in a subsidized senior apartment. After rent, tithing and my internet, I have $88/month to spend on every needful thing. You would think with an income that small, food stamps would be more generous. I get $101/month. I am sick pretty much 24/7, have a boatload of chronic illnesses and am in a power wheelchair….plus I am 59 years old. Most people think benefits are much more generous than that. Nope.

I find it’s helpful to break this down for people. My yearly income is $8,796. My yearly rent is $6,180. Each YEAR I have $2,616 to pay for meds, doc copays, internet, tithing, haircuts, toiletries, cat food and litter, clothes, laundry, etc., etc…. SNAP gives me $1.08 per meal to live on. Most people have no clue what low income disabled people live on. There is all sorts of hype on the news. This is reality. It’s better than living in a gutter with nothing to eat, but it’s not a lifestyle people aspire to.

It never ceases to amaze me that even disabled people have no clue how skimpy the benefits are. It would be so cool to challenge a mean politician to have my body and live in my circumstances for a month 🙂 They would have a new appreciation for what their legislation means in real life. It needs to be personal.

Speaking of luxuries. I got my first regular monthly internet bill today. It’s $50.68….about $5/month more than I was paying for the phone. It’s worth it 🙂 I am enjoying it! I love, love, love doing research….RV’s, camping, the prettiest flowers, info about my diseases, recipes, etc….. My head hurts too much to read more about the camera today. Maybe tomorrow. I want to learn how to transfer pictures via bluetooth. You need flexible fingers to use the SD card!


There are now 7 daffodil flowers in the pot that Heather and the kids gave me. They were only buds when brought home.


Heather left behind some Chinese buns and some chicken vegetable stir fry mix. I made a fresh serving of Jasmine rice to go with those. This was my lunch/supper.

I am looking forward to bed time. Sooooooooooo tired and sore!