My attitude isn’t improving. I guess it’s because I feel so sick. I have been having evening fevers since Heather was here. My butterfly rash is redder and itchier. Breathing is a struggle. Talking is a PITA. Everything hurts. I am still having mystery lumps all over my body. Last night my hand arthritis was making me cry.

Last week I told the manager that there was broken glass all over in front of the dumpsters. It’s dangerous for everybody, but I don’t like driving my wheelchair through it. For the third time, I took out garbage and recycling and the glass was still there. 80 apartments worth of people, a maintenance man, a manager and a resident assistant, and not a single one saw a need and took care of it. That apalls me!

Last week at FNB, all the college age students stood around and stared while an old man knelt on the ground and tried to clean up broken glass when a donation box fell off the wagon. What the heck is wrong with people??????? If my body worked, I would do all this stuff myself. Why don’t people see a need and help????

I get tired of the manager spending hours talking to all the crazy and lonely people, day after day for hours on end, but not much gets done. Requests for maintenance are ignored, problems with drains are ignored, most real issues are ignored. It goes in one ear and out the other. Back in the summer of 2012 the manager said smokers were required to put draft blockers under their door. When none of them did, he said he would buy them. Nothing has ever happened, despite repeated promises.

Oh, I could go on for hours about all the screwed up things here. All the drugs, public intoxication and (male and female) prostitution are awful! Thefts are up, confrontations are up, police visits are constant. Lots of bitching and discontent in the building. I guess realizing I might be stuck here in order to get IVIg is getting on my nerves!

I just got an email from the back pain doctor. I visited him the day after Christmas and was promised $20 for being in the study. I went way out of my way to get to him. He just sent 2 questionaires that were supposed to also get me $20. Funny how the people who want you to do stuff like pay rent or come to their office, expect us to be prompt…but getting the same treatment back is iffy.

I must be having a bad attitude outbreak. The world is full of people who are incompetent or idiots or worse. Why can’t it be full of people who are the opposite? I used to be helpful. People here are still talking about Heather’s visit a year or so ago. It was snowing hard, so she kept shoveling the sidewalks. It never ocured to anyone else that they should do the same. Heck, I used to shovel before I ended up in the wheelchair. I was out there shoveling with my walker.

I guess I should spend the rest of the day in my apartment so I don’t bite anybody. Feeling rabid…..