By getting ready slow and steady over a couple of hours, I had enough strength to go to FNB. I wore a short sleeved shirt and Birks. This was the third day in a row of breaking temperature records. It was 68 at the airport, but warmer here in the city. I did the same thing as last Saturday. FNB to Trader Joe’s, on TRAX, then home.

At TJ’s, the cashier asked if I had checked the eggs in the carton. I said yup….and that last time I got 2 teeny weeny eggs in my box of jumbos. He said that meant I got this box free! I didn’t mean to have that happen. Nice, though.

As I got off TRAX, my left butt cheek went numb. I felt behind me, thinking maybe something sharp was sticking into my lower back. It felt funny. Nope. As I went the 3 blocks to home, my entire left leg went numb and had major prickles. Once it was totally numb, the feeling moved over to my right side. As that started spreading down my right leg, my left butt cheek got as cold as ice. It was hard to get out of my power chair when I got home, but I could put away the groceries while using my walker.

A few hours later, a neighbor knocked on my door. I slowly made it to the door with my walker, but as I stood there, I got major electrocution shocks in my back and down my legs. Geeze! What now??? It doesn’t feel like sciatic pain.

Before this, while at FNB, my next door neighbor had been giving me a shoulder rub. She came there in her car and was leaning on my chair as we went through the food line. That gave her access to my shoulders. OMG!!! I had no idea there were big, painful knots in my shoulder and back. I think she took a certain sort of pleasure in making me scream. I wonder if the shocks in my spine are related to the ones in my shoulders? She also felt some of those random lumps I have all over me. My body is a wreck.

Last night the wicked intense itchiness became unbearable. In the mirror I could see where I had been clawing at my skin 😮 Oooooops! I dug around and got out two Benadryls from my med stash. By the time I went to bed, I was an MG lump. I was too weak and groggy to change back to the new CPAP mask. Except for waking up to pee, I slept well 🙂

I just saw a cop car race down the parking lot. What drama now? My ex next door neighbor looks like she is going to die…and her mind is going fast. Why people waste their lives smoking cigarettes is beyond me 😦 The latest gossip is that The Stomper’s sort-of boyfriend is going to be evicted. I hope so! Neither one of them are very nice. She already moved out, but has been back a lot lately. Trouble looking for more trouble. Why can’t people be reasonably pleasant in public more often than not? Lots of shake ups going on here. Yesterday or today, a new woman moved in. She is a young senior and is in a wheelchair, but uses her feet to scoot along. I hope she turns out to be nice. We need to have the balance tipped.

My hand arthritis makes typing a painful pursuit. Way too many of my lymph nodes are swollen and screaming. I think I have reached the end of my endurance. See ya…..