I was reading up on gout. Since this isn’t my first time, I already know how painful it is. I found an article by a British guy that says it well.

Like many mainly guy things, gout is rarely discussed. But it is one of the most excruciatingly painful things that it can ever be your misfortune to encounter. I’m also told it makes you irritable. Damn right it does.

When I say “one of” the most painful, this may be too modest. For the pain of gout may even be unmatched. It is no surprise to me that in a survey two-thirds of US gout sufferers ranked their attacks as “the worst pain possible”. Some readers may bridle at this assertion. Right-thinking people have long accorded a unique status to childbirth as the most painful of all experiences. Yet, strapping on my tin-hat in anticipation of the response, it was a female GP of my acquaintance, who has had four children by natural delivery, who assured me that gout is indeed worse than childbirth. That is something I can never know, and I do not seek to make the worst the enemy of the bad but, please, reader, at least accept my assurance that gout is agonising.


Of all the pains I have had in my life, childbirth is not all that high on my list. I was surprised that it didn’t hurt more. The other good thing about childbirth is the worst pain is a matter of hours, not days and weeks and months.

Last night my hand hurt so bad, I truly wanted to die. Then later, I woke up with me and the bed soaked in night sweats. That was the turning point. I have been taking my Indomethacin every 6 hours and think it is actually making a difference. I hope so!!!!!! I cannot even begin to straighten out my pinky finger. It is swollen and shiny and curved. The three segments of the finger and then the bottom of it on the palm of my hand are like marshmallows. It’s also still hot. The black/purple band around the knuckle has faded to a dusky rose. Please, please, please let this be the beginning of healing!

I read all 51 comments in The Guardian’s article. That correlates to the spectrum of understanding of all chronic illnesses. Some people have experienced it for themselves and totally understand. Some either self-diagnosed or had a mild case and think others are too wimpy and just need to do whatever they did. Some have not experienced the pain, but are empathetic to what has happened to someone they know or love. Many people make ignorant comments because they don’t know and don’t understand….and frankly don’t care. Then there are a few people who are pathetic specimens of humanity and openly mock and disparage the sufferer.

On my various support groups, people vent about their friends and relatives. It’s just like the spectrum in those comments. I always figure karma is a bitch. Meanness is going to come back and bite people in the butt some day. I wish I didn’t have to learn so many life lessons through pain, but I have learned a lot about my fellow humans by how they react to the suffering of myself and others.

That’s true politically, too. There are always those who feel superior. They are “better than” whatever group is being hated at the moment. Hatred and intolerance and choosing to believe some are favored above others is a worse sickness than anything physical that a body can be subjected to.

Gee, it’s ONLY 50 degrees right now. What a hardship for February. Snicker…. This has been a great winter. Yesterday I saw daffodil buds ready to burst open. Those chive-like things were growing tall in many yards. Some folks have crocus in bloom. Utah is now having problems with wildfires.

“We have had temperatures that have ranged up to 28 degrees above normal,” said Brian McInerney, hydrologist for the National Weather Service in Salt Lake City. “We are averaging 20 degrees above normal for February as of today (Monday)”

I keep hearing about Portland, Maine and Portland, Oregon in the news. One is buried in snow, the other is inundated with rain. I am super glad we are not experiencing either. This country sure is a study in weather extremes right now. Today I have watched the sky go through many stages. We sometimes have sun and other times, the clouds are so low that the benches and mountains are hidden. There are white clouds and black clouds. The rest of the week calls for sun and warm temperatures 🙂

Mostly, I want the forecast to include my hand getting better!