I have been using my right hand this afternoon and evening. As long as I don’t bend the 2 smallest fingers or do anything weight bearing, I don’t scream 🙂 I haven’t even cried today! What a difference a day makes. YES! My hand is still plenty swollen, but much better than it was. I had chills this evening, but they were minor. I started sweating for half an hour, but then the feverishness left. Dang, I hope I just keep getting better and better. That was pretty awful.

I WAS scared this afternoon because my MG kicked in. I was alarmingly weak. I almost fell several times. Thank goodness for my walker. It’s not so bad right now. Took out the garbage and got the mail. Sat out in the lobby talking to my weird friend Gordon. My voice worked great 🙂 I originally went out to yell at one of my neighbor’s. Lucky for both of us, she was gone by the time I got outside. It’s the one who caught the apartment on fire for Christmas. I smelled nasty drugs coming through my window. Got up and there she was, sitting there with her headlights on, doing drugs, like so many times before. I was going to tell her if she has to do illegal drugs, do it far, far from me, or next time I call the cops. My lungs are sooooo not happy every time she lights up outside my place.

Oh, geeze. Here comes the ambulance and firetruck. I stuck my head out my door and saw them rushing down the other first floor hallway. There are several folks in tough shape over there 😦 Many of them are my friends. Bummer.

On TV, I am watching a program about TB. They keep talking about Edward Trudeau and Saranac Lake, NY. They said it was very remote and one of the coldest places in the US. Sometimes I miss Saranac Lake 🙂 The picture at the top of my blog was taken somewhere nearby in the Adirondacks. I absolutely miss the good air of Bloomingdale and Saranac Lake! Even when the air is “good” in SLC, it stinks! The cure cottages around Saranac Lake were cute. No wonder people felt better there. Clean air, simple housing, nice leaves 🙂

Now it’s after 3 in the morning. I woke up an hour ago and couldn’t go back to sleep. I was too stuffed up, queasy and itchy. Now to find out what started all those head sores and itchiness that began this whole episode! I see the doc again this morning.

The GREAT news is that I can partially straighten out my pinky finger. First time since Saturday. I was seriously wondering if it was now going to be deformed. The swelling has gone down by leaps and bounds. I am a new fan of Indomethacin 🙂 I have also been eating cherries. Next time I go to Trader Joe’s, I need to replenish my bottled cherry supply and get some fresh cherries for good measure. I read about tart cherry capsules. Those would be good to have on hand next time I get rich. I don’t ever want to have gout again! Each time has been more painful than the last.

Now I am craving potato chips again. I wonder why I need so much salt from time to time? I feel sick when I don’t get enough. Hmmmmm….what do I have that’s salty???? I need some salty soup. I really need to buy myself a few cans of chicken noodle soup for times like this.

Geeze, it’s now 4 AM and I have to get up soon for my doctor appointment. Sigh…..