The sky was very blue….except where there were random chemtrail x’s scattered around. I enjoyed sitting in the park and waiting for FNB to set up. They were late today, but it was an awesome day to wait 🙂

On the way to the park, I saw a fence line covered in blooming violets. Now I wish I had stopped and taken their picture! The grass is just starting to green up. If you look at the trees across the street, you can see the color from swollen buds. We have the 4 letter word in the forecast. SNOW. I wonder if there will be any down here in the valley? Today we had mid-60’s.

Not a large volume of stuff up for grabs, but I was first in line, so there were great choices for me 🙂 I got back in line for the second time through!

I had a spinach, turkey and berry salad for lunch, along with a slice of tomato cheese focaccia bread. I had two different kinds of cookies for dessert. I am looking forward to a banana strawberry smoothie.

I have barely moved the rest of the day. My red and shiny butterfly rash has been hot and itchy all day. I am still in significant pain from having the doc poke at my throat and under-chin muscles. He was brutal 😦 Now my neck looks lopsided.

Got an email from the disability lawyers. They are working on my IVIg approval. I told them about yesterday’s docs saying that my MG is a big problem. I called the neuro yet again. I got voicemail again. Still no call back after a week. Grrrrrr……

My hand arthritis and leftover gout pain was worse today. Those parts are missing the Indomethacin. My ears are NOT missing it. I only spoke a few sentences worth today, but my voice worked 🙂 Trying to talk on the phone is a nightmare when my voice is broken. I get real tired of people hanging up on me.

I didn’t notice the crowds until Heather was here. Ever since then, bunches of people drive up and walk by each Thursday evening, on their way to a 12-step meeting here in the community room. It sure has gotten popular! The first time I ever saw it here last year, there were 4 people. Olive likes watching the people. Every once in awhile, she will hiss at someone. I wonder what she knows? Ha! I turned to MASH on TV. As the helicopters went over on the screen, a helicopter went right over our parking lot. Olive stood up and stretched the full height of the window as she looked up. She seemed to be waving at them with one paw.

I am liking that aloe skin gel. The wound feels better already. But…my belly is humongously swollen and as hard as a rock. I went over to make sure my door was locked and my belly got there way before the rest of me 😦 I really need to take the darn Miralax twice a day, whether I want to or not and whether I can afford it, or not. Each time my guts have a major slow down, I end up with a new fistula or hole in my intestines. Gross! And frustrating!!!

Oh, that reminds me…yesterday’s doctor actually talked about me and West Nile Virus! Since few docs have a clue about what chronic WNV does to someone, they never bring it up. My internist first thought of it as a fever for two weeks. I hope he has learned different after knowing me. WNV sure has messed me up. WNV and MG are a bad combination! They egg each other on. Yup….I feel beat up today. I hope I regain some strength soon.