Soon after I wrote the last blog post, I crawled back in bed. I slept about 5 hours. The whole time I was freezing. The chills just wouldn’t stop. I kept waking up and finding that I was hugging myself so hard that my hands and arms were numb. Brrrrrrr…….

I finally had to get up when the killer thigh cramps started. Once I sat up, I was instantly even more miserable 😦 My lungs were stinging, my left knee swollen, my head oh, so sore. My gout hand was a claw again. That awful hip bursitis was back! I quick put on more clothes and turned up the heat. After awhile, of course, I was burning up and sweating like crazy. I had to keep pouring cold water on me.

I have an infection. Now the question is where? The salivary glands? The bladder to colon fistula? My lungs? They are all acting up. I HATE the stupid chills/fever thing 😦 Now I feel very yucky.

I was bad. I slept through the MANDATORY apartment meeting. Tough luck. There was no way I was in any shape to be awake, take a shower, get dressed and sit in a room full of people. I think the meetings are ridiculous. Just write it on a piece of paper and spare me the drama.

I joined a group for neuromyotonia. Right away I met a woman with MG who has the same droopy face, cramps, twitches, etc. It’s both scary and comforting to find out it’s not just me. I also joined a gout group. I am sure not the only one who has had unbelievable pain from that. Why do I have to have “everything”???? If you don’t have health issues, you can thank me. I got yours!

I hope I feel well enough to go get my mail tomorrow. I rarely get anything interesting, but you never know!

There was snow up on the benches when I woke up this morning. By the time I woke up this afternoon, it was all gone. I hear there’s a bit more snow in the higher mountains. Nothing here. Glad we are not real cold and snowy like so much of the country!

Oh, geeze, like snapping a finger, I just went from burning up, back to chills. My head hurts soooooooo bad! Gaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, oh, the fire truck and ambulance were just here. Who now?