I was too tired to get up and get a glass of water. I took my Mestinon a half hour late. I could barely lift the cup to my lips. It’s just like the first morning when I walked around the ICU floor. I can do stuff, but the weakness afterwards is profound. I need to be more careful. Sigh…..

Yes, I overdid it :-p But…how else would I ever know my limits? I decided to sit down and quietly read my discharge papers. Do these people know me? I snickered the whole way through it.



First off, seeing the words Myasthenia Gravis while talking about me, from a Utah hospital, was a shock. I have spent 3 years in Utah fighting to be acknowledged. There it was….right in front of me!


Geeze….that’s what my double vision looks like. Scary to see the second line for initial diagnosis. They were sure I had a stroke once the triage nurse glanced at me. I am glad I was coherent enough to tell them what I thought my problem was. Years ago, my first neuro told me to get a Medic Alert bracelet. The doc that both admitted and discharged me gave me a stern look and told me to get one. Sigh….

The When To Call Your Doctor box felt good to see spelled out, but brought up that old rage again. How many bazillion times have I told Utah doctors what was wrong and what I needed? I want my diagnosis tatooed to my chest….no…..on doctor’s brains!

If you add together all the hours I slept, the whole time I was in the hospital, it doesn’t even add up to ONE night’s sleep. My body is soooooooo tired. I will feel a lot better after a night’s sleep in my own nice quiet bedroom, in my unmoving bed, with no one to poke me, prod me, torture me ALL night long! I am excited to see how I feel after some decent sleep 🙂