It was too much for me. I vacuumed and did some cleaning today. By the time I had showered, dressed and was ready to leave for my appointment, I was already weak. This was my first foray outside since coming home from the hospital on Saturday. I went the 3 blocks to the library and got on a bus out front. The bus I was waiting for wasn’t the one that picked me up. The bus driver that stopped assured me he was going where I was going. Oh, what the heck, why not? Live dangerously.

I can’t say it enough times, I HATE the stupid transit authority’s web page to try to find the right route. Usually it tells me that I can’t get there from here. It’s woefully inadequate. I wrote a polite version of that on their blog. It was never published. All the bus drivers say it’s wrong about routes, times and other um, uh, important details.

Turns out the “wrong” bus left me right smack dab in front of the Voice Disorders Center. YES! It was nice to be able to talk. Last time the receptionists couldn’t understand me. I had already warned the voice guy that I could talk. He had been awarded a grant to study me and help me, so we pretended I needed help. He showed me a couple of cool videos he took. One woman had a cold and from then on, she could only talk in a whisper. He permanently fixed her voice in a few minutes by teaching her to hum. The next one was a heartbreaker! It was a teen boy with a voice that squeaked and stuck. He was a falsetto. In mere minutes after throat massage and teaching him to lower his pitch, the kid had a deep voice. If only it were always that easy 🙂

The first time he saw me, the voice guy thought I had spasmodic dysphonia and muscle tension dysphonia. Since I am “cured” thanks to IVIg, he thinks it was just muscle tension dysphonia. He wants to see me when the IVIg wears off to figure it out. I got some handouts to practice at home, and off I went.

Since I haven’t been following bus rules today, I randomly got on a route # I had never heard of. The bus driver said he could leave me at a TRAX station. I was sooooooooo glad to get off the bus! We stopped at the VA hospital and picked up a bunch of guys. Instant sneezing, then asthma. They were saturated with cigarette smoke. Yuck!

I got on TRAX and got off at Trader Joe’s. Since I was sick for awhile, then in the hospital, I was running out of fresh foods. I had $24 food stamps left. I figured I would buy some of the things I often get free at FNB. Then I saw the prices. Geeze! I was able to get some veggies and eggs. It was 20-something dollars. Sigh….. The price of food bears no resemblance to how much I have to spend on food.

Got back on TRAX and zoomed the rest of the way home in my power chair. Got home and looked at myself in the mirror. One eye was half closed. I could barely stand up long enough to put away the groceries. By the time I sat down, I was SOB. My chest hurts a lot 😦 Next thing I realize is that the first joint of my gout pinky finger is swollen up, hot and painful. It has been at least 5 hours since the smokers choked me up. I am still wheezing.

AAARRRGGGHHHHHHHH!!!! I don’t like it when reality hits 😦 I obviously did too much and brought the MG roaring back. I should be better after sleep. I hope so!

The voice guy and folks here keep telling me how much different I look. I wanted to be that kind of different….and stay that way! One of my favorite old guys went on and on to his old guy pals that he could not believe his eyes when he first saw me after IVIg. He says everything about me has changed for the better. It’s a lot like in the hospital. Just about everybody here breaks out in a big grin when they see me walking or smiling or they hear my voice. I am an anomaly. What else is new?