I woke up for meds. am still tired, but I wanted to write things down. The second I stood up after publishing the blog last night, I had excruciating pain in my left foot. It’s on the outside edge and partly on the top of my foot. When bearing weight on it, it’s a sensation as if I broke it. Each step is so painful I almost fainted.

I made it to bed. By the time I woke up early this morning, I had forgotten about my foot…..until I put weight on it. What the heck? What can hurt so much? I hardly walked yesterday. I was in the wheelchair going out and about. This sucks! I cannot walk without putting as much weight as possible on my walker. I sure can’t walk without it or walk for more than a few feet. Geeze!!!!!!

For those of you into genealogy, I thought I would pass on the free offer that was in an email this morning. You might want to take advantage of it to look up documents.

Ahhhhhh….went back to bed and slept until 10 AM. It is the most I have slept in at least 2 weeks. I needed it. My foot still hurts, dang it. I am surprised most of me works after being so debilitated for so long. The nurses were more surprised than me that my muscles hadn’t wasted away. I have always said that my active life before I was 20, then my trying-to-keep-active-life of gardening and farming, has kept me stronger and healthier than other people in my predicament.

Here Heather is at about 1 1/2 years old. I hope it helped her immune system 🙂


I have been thinking a lot lately about how Heather grew up. Homeschooling has been in my newsfeed often. I like reading about how Ben Hewitt raises his kids. He grew up on our hill in Vermont and it’s cool to see how he turned out. Yesterday I stopped in the library before catching my bus. I borrowed his book Home Grown.

I had to get the librarian to fix my library card. It wouldn’t work in the library and it wouldn’t work online a couple of weeks ago when I tried to reserve The Nourishing Homestead.  It took the woman a bunch of tries and lots of walking back and forth to various machines, but it should be OK now.

This news story has been making plenty of people mad.

There are always “authorities” who are afraid of interesting people. I am glad Vermont wasn’t like that when Heather was growing up. We got hassled in Mississippi when Heather won first prize in a science fair. A teacher didn’t think homeschoolers should be allowed in :-p Then near Palm Springs, California, in the Antelope Valley, cops were always on the look-out for kids not in school. The US turning into a bunch of snitchers and a police state is a frightening trend to me!

I suppose the “authorities” would have had a fit that Heather was allowed to go to Disney World by herself at 9 or 10 years old. Long story. My season pass ran out before hers and she still had more to see. We had a whole plan in place to keep her safe. When a kid is brought up free range, independent, they are generally way more trustworthy and confident than the average kid. Of course that backfired when Heather was 14 and decided to hike the Pacific Crest Trail by herself….without telling me. She was gone 6 weeks. She is still grounded until she is 40!

I find it creepy that as I go out and about in SLC, I hardly ever see kids. What are they doing? My best times as a kid were usually when left alone. I was going skinny dipping in the quarry pond by kindergarten. For years, my parents tried to curb me, but at some point, they gave up and just let me wander without getting yelled at for it. I was always off in the woods and fields. Then when I got older, I discovered the bus that went past my edge-of-the-suburbs home. I went all over the Syracuse area and the Finger Lakes. I camped by myself just about every weekend of 9th grade. I only had one scary experience and that was in the village of Marcellus, in maybe 11th grade, when I was walking near the school in the middle of the night to meet the kids coming home from Spain and France who went with the language teachers. Pedophiles hang out at schools….not in the woods.

A woman I know online just posted this video. I REALLY need to learn how to use my camera for videos! I want to make one of me being well 🙂 Here’s hers.

I just spent a couple of hours out in the community space. I walked there with no walker 🙂 When I realized my foot had stopped hurting, I didn’t waste any time sitting around! The sad news is that my former next door neighbor who smoked like crazy when I lived there, is going to die sooner, rather than later. She was in the same hospital as me, but was sent home to die. She has some sort of incurable infection in her lungs that targets people with COPD. When she started walking towards me, that’s when I came back to my apartment. I sure don’t need that! I am surprised she was allowed to come back here. Half the building has COPD….including me 😮 She wasn’t even wearing her mask correctly. She looked like a walking skeleton. If you smoke, stop NOW!!!!!!! What a horrible way to die. I have watched too many others die of lung cancer 😦 The stuff we can’t do anything about is bad enough. I don’t understand hastening your own demise.

I was diagnosed with COPD when Heather was little….or maybe even before she was born. I still think it’s “just” myasthenia. But what do I know? Docs continue to give me the diagnosis. None of the COPD drugs have worked on me. IVIg brings me back to almost normal breathing.

When I got home yesterday, there was a muffin in a ziplock, hanging from the clip by my door. No way was I going to eat it until I found out where it came from. It’s my next door neighbor now 🙂 There was a banana box of rotten bananas on the free table, so she took some and made banana muffins. That was nice of her to think of me 🙂 I ate it with my salad.

I am really, really loving walking and talking 🙂