This morning I had a doc appointment. I will get to that next. On the way home, I took a bus, then TRAX. While crossing State Street, some guy tried to hit me on purpose!!! I don’t know which was worse….the idiot aiming for me or the policeman right behind who did not pull him over! I am still shaking. I sobbed all the way home.

I waited for the little person that lights up to say it’s OK to cross. Just as I got past the center line, a guy in a silver Corvette sportscar starts making angry faces and gestures. He is turning left from a side street and figures I am in his way. State Street is pretty wide. Instead of turning and going behind me, where he could squeeze through, he comes within 3 or 4 feet of me and acts like he wants to run me over! His face was all screwed up in anger and he just kept gesturing. I finally get enough out of his way in his preferred lane and he zooms through the crosswalk while I am still in it. He is soon followed by a cop. I wildly pointed towards the silver car, but the cop ignores me and goes in a different lane. I was scared from the guy TRYING to hit me, really pissed off at the cop for not pulling him over, then when I was safe, I dissolved into tears. It was the second silver car of the day to almost hit me.

I got home and called the non-emergency number for the police. She said I should have stayed on the corner and waited for the police to come. Geeze! That was not even a possibility in my mind. If the cop who should have seen the whole thing didn’t care, why should someone else? I sent them an email. That ought to be useless 😦

OK….back to my internist. He never got or read the email I sent last week. I know from past attempts at emailing him, the insurance caseworker gets my emails. Insert a bunch of bad words and bad thoughts here.

My internist was so excited that I got IVIg, that he wasn’t helpful for much else. He did tell me that it had been difficult to withstand the “powers that be”. They were threatening his job and giving him heck for continuing to prescribe Mestinon for my MG, even though the cough, cough “expert” in their system insisted I did not have myasthenia gravis. He had more to say about that whole mess than anything.

I wanted to talk about my infection(s) and the dizziness not fixed by IVIg. He literally just waved his hand and said it was all because I had gotten so weak for so long. He says it’s my neuro’s problem to figure out the rest.

That was a lot of time wasted on crossing streets and taking public transportation to not get helped.

Going to try to calm down now……