I don’t know if I have ever had Tuesday’s nurse before….or not. I have seen too many of them lately. The internist’s nurse was one of those people who gets excited about everything, good or bad. We had a fun time talking as she did vitals and worked on computer stuff. She wanted to know all about how sick I was and how much better I got. She started using LDS-speak like “tender mercies”. I asked if she was LDS. Yup. So I told her some of my latest miracles. She was leaking tears and got goose bumps all over. It’s always more fun to talk to the highly reactive types 🙂

Then she stopped fiddling, turned to me and said there was an aura about me and I just glowed. She said she could feel my happy personality. She went on and on about that. As my jaw dropped, I told her about the fix-it guy yesterday and the woman at the mailbox who said similar things. That set her off on a whole new eye leaking, goose bumpy episode. I sat there calmly 🙂 Geeze, what’s going on? Maybe people who keep having their life spared exude something different.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day. My local Wunderground weather station says it was 70. While on the bus, I saw half a block lined in blooming forsythia bushes. On TRAX, I could see that Temple Square was full of tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, etc. While toodling along in my chair, I saw my first dandelions. Many sorts of shrubs are getting leaves. The flowering trees have big, fat, opening buds. Heather says the flowering trees are already doing their thing in Portland.

I was very weak by the time I left the doc’s office. I guess I am the definition of hope springs eternal crossed with insanity. I went 5 blocks from the doc’s and for the first time in a very long time, went in the NPS store. That’s mostly expired food. I got a 3 pound bag of sprouting sweet onions for 33 cents. They had Hershey’s chocolate spread with almond and with hazelnut. I got 2 of each kind for 99 cents each. There were some very strange things I saw….like banana split Oreos or individual sized packets of chocolate covered corn flakes. All the products that didn’t go over well, go to stores like NPS to die. All together I spent $18 and filled my Trader Joe’s cooler bag. Another interesting thing I got was buffalo sauce flavored canned chicken for 99 cents. When I lifted the groceries from the counter to my lap, guess what happened? Yup. My eyelids closed, my voice got broken, the muscle spasm from ear to ear behind my head hit and the myoclonic jerks started anew. I never learn.

After the excitement with almost being hit, I forgot to look at my face, or even think there might be a problem. My butterfly rash looks thermonuclear and there are red, itchy spots along my jawline. Sigh…..I never, ever learn. I forget. But, but….it was soooooooo beautiful outside! I need to start packing my sun protection hat.

So, I put away the food and sit down with my 59 cent bottle of chocolate milk. I take my now overdue meds. Then I spent the next half an hour choking from aspirating. Once that calms down, I drink my 59 cent bottle of coconut water….and choke on that. Drinking something other than water to quench my thirst is noteworthy. I figure it helped my electrolytes. That’s a good excuse, right? 🙂

Now I am going through the, all too typical for me, evening chills and fever. Nope, I never, ever, ever learn. How can I hurt all over so bad from riding in a wheelchair? Dang.

Of course I am back to being like last night. I can barely lift my arms, my voice is rough and my vision is all double and blurry. Pfffffftttttttt!!!!!!!! Oh, booger brains. I said the Pfffffftttttttt!!!!!!!! out loud and choked my brains out again. Most of my brain ought to be AWOL now.

I want to go see more flowers! I want to go to Temple Square and actually get off TRAX! Whatever doesn’t kill me makes me stronger, right? Me and the elephants on my chest are going to go have a talk…..

I got in bed with the good ol’ CPAP and oxygen. My hernia hurt so bad that I didn’t stay flat very long. I am way over tired. I decided to look at the written report from my doc visit. All he did was write down what I told him, but in fancier language. Gout in my pinky finger turned in to “gouty arthritis-right 5th metacarpal, treated with indomethacin”. Looking at my better healing belly wound was “incisional hernia, without obstruction or gangrene” and “open abdominal wall wound, subsequent encounter”. I just love “dizziness and giddiness”. Then there’s the hard-won, but not wanted “Myasthenia gravis”. BORING! Well, I think I will tell anyone who asks what’s wrong with me, that I am suffering from giddiness. I looked it up. It doesn’t mean at all what I thought it did. Snicker……

ICD-9-CM: 780.4 Dizziness and Giddiness