Yup, another tough day. I felt awful 😦 The dizziness and vertigo are extreme. I had to force myself to eat breakfast. I had a smoothie for lunch. By afternoon I could no longer sit in my comfy chair. I could not focus my eyes and it was making me wicked queasy. I got up to go to bed, leaning heavily on the walker. Whoa! My head made those whooshing wrrrrooooo…..wrrrrooooooo…..wrrrrooooo noises. The fan in my bedroom intensified it. I quickly fell asleep and slept for hours.

I woke up still miserable, but slightly better. I stared at myself in the bathroom mirror. I realized that when I moved my head, my left eye moved around appropriately, but my right eye stayed fixed. I think that must have something to do with why I am so dizzy and it’s so hard to see. I have no idea what that means or what’s going on. I am pretty sure it must be related to weak eye muscles due to MG. You know what else is creepy? I keep seeing things that aren’t there, in the peripheral vision of the stationary eye.

At one point I took out the garbage and recycling. I had to quick come back in. The light was stabbing daggers into my head. I kept the blinds closed the rest of the day.

People kept knocking on my door. No way was I going to answer it. I was way too sick and was just wearing my nightgown. Two of the knocks were deliveries. I was surprised to find a case of toilet paper waiting for me in the hallway! The next time, it was a pouch that included cat toys. Thank you kind reader 🙂 Olive has been dragging her crinkly fish all over the apartment. She loves throwing them around. Then she hides behind the couch or chair and slyly looks around. She runs out and pounces on the fish. Funny 🙂

The weather is gorgeous. I don’t want to waste my days hiding behind the blinds! I wish I knew how to stop being so dizzy. I also need fresh food! It has been weeks since I went to FNB. My fridge looks like it’s full of food…..but it’s mostly condiments. I sure have a lot of sauces and flavorings. I get food stamps on Sunday, so I can shop Monday or beyond. When going this long without free food from FNB, I realize just how much I rely on them.

The weather forecast calls for 70’s tomorrow and close to 80 on Sunday! 😮 Wow. I need to get better yesterday!