I like having a Wunderground weather station in my neighborhood. It’s accurate for right here, not the airport. Today’s high was 82. The airport was “only” 74. I knew it was hot when I was hot. Both windows were all the way open and I thought about getting up and pointing a fan on me. Then my mind wandered off.

The most exciting thing that happened today was finding a cousin I didn’t know I had. Her maiden name was Chapman….you know….like Johnny Appleseed. I looked up her profile and she was born not far from me in NY. She gave me the names of her father and grandfather and told me where they had lived. In about 20 minutes, not only did I figure out their births and deaths, but discovered her grandfather and I are 5th cousins 3 times removed. I also found a big family tree that went back generations on her father’s side. How cool is that? I am now blaming the Chapman genes for our MG! I probably got her hooked on genealogy, too.

Other than that, I either sat here like a lump or got up from time to time, only to have my heart go wicked fast and my head make whoooooooshing noises. My eyes have been obnoxiously blurry with double vision the whole time. My lungs are on fire. Oh, and I woke up this morning with my tongue swollen and sore. Everything, and I mean everything is coming back 😦

The only people I have seen all day are the usual suspects going back and forth, back and forth, like lemmings to the 7-11. I didn’t step foot outside my apartment. I am still being overwhelmed by light, movement, smells, noise…..

At 4 AM there were only a few open buds on the crabapple trees. By 10 AM, they were in full bloom 🙂 This isn’t my picture, but it looks just like the trees here. Tomorrow will be cooler and the next day cooler than that. It’s still 56.5 degrees at 11 PM.