This is my first St Pat’s Day knowing that I am part Irish. I always wanted to be Irish on this day! 🙂

The temperature in my neighborhood was 78. At the airport, they tied the historical record  high of 74 degrees. The flowering trees are spectacularly gorgeous! The pollen count is spectacularly high. I hope that’s why I woke up from my nap with a fever, my neck swollen huge and my wheezing lungs on fire.

Speaking of fire, I wondered what was up with all the sirens. The Marriott hotel had a laundry room fire. That must be scary to be in an unfamiliar hotel and have to evacuate it, while breathing smoke!

Instead of listing all the stuff wrong with me, let’s just say ditto to anything I already said this week…..and then some.

When I was awake, I spent a long time reading about food. I don’t feel any smarter. It was better when I didn’t realize what I was missing. It was torture to look at pics of bbq ribs and grilled steaks and piles of shrimp. Here it’s 10 PM, and I forgot to eat supper. I need a caterer 🙂 I think about how lucky the men I have lived with and loved were! They usually got darn good meals thanks to me. When I was a farmer, I used to say I needed a farm wife. I suppose that is sexist nowadays. Wish I had somebody to take care of me when I feel yucky. I still have both windows wide open and it’s 62 degrees out. I am sweating profusely and burning up. Sigh….