When I was a kid and wanted to know what a word meant, the teacher would get nasty and tell me to look it up in the dictionary. Maybe it’s that sort of grouchiness that kills curiosity? If it had been said nicely and was explained so I realized this made me more independent, I might have embraced the concept. What the teachers didn’t know was that I was an avid dictionary and encyclopedia reader at home….for fun. If someone tells me I HAVE to do the dishes, it’s the last thing on my priority list. I don’t like being told what to do. I deal better with invitations, suggestions and persuasive arguments. Give me a solid reason that makes sense to me, and I am on board.

Because I am perfecting the art of being a lump, I spend more time reading and responding in support groups. Over and over and over, people ask questions that would be best answered by Googling and reading all the best sources. Instead, people ask questions, then take what other clueless people say as the gospel truth.

On one van site, people keep posting over and over again about some rich sports player who lives in his van. On the MG sites, I have seen dozens of posts asking if anybody watched Empire and then talking about the character with MG. Doesn’t anyone read the posts on a regular basis? Most truly helpful info gets said during discussions, not in the headline of a topic. Now people are guessing at which famous people have had MG. Just Google it, read a few sites and be done with it! Yes, I suppose I am being a *itch. I want people to care more about information and take more responsibility for their own brains and lives. I loathe willful stupidity.

This is an excellent quick description of MG. Don’t get excited about the donation part,  this is for the UK, it’s not for the US.

I was brave on Thursday. I figured it was about time to go out and gather all that mail. (Ha!) I decided as long as I was going that far, I should go grocery shopping. I was running out of all sorts of food. I got outside and wanted to come right back in. The light hurt my head wicked bad. I trekked to the library to get on TRAX, but missed the train to TJ’s, so I went the other way on TRAX and went to Rancho Market. I didn’t buy hardly anything and I spent more than $40. I got 3 gigantic chicken leg quarters for 59 cents a pound. They are in the crockpot. Oh…..Dr Calvin’s Clinic is no more. Here one day, gone another. Sorry, Calvin.

Now I feel extra yucky. That took a lot out of me. All day I have switched back and forth between chills and fever. Once I was out in the breeze, I started coughing. Darn pollen. But…the reason for all that pollen was gorgeous! The whole city is covered in flowering trees. The trees at Energy Stadium, where the Jazz play, has square-cut trees that are flowering. Kind of cool, kind of weird. Near there I saw lots of daffodils, tulips and hyacinths. Somehow I went past Temple Square and didn’t even look at the flowers.

I guess I was worn out! I just slept 14 hours. I am still tired. It’s another beautiful day today. I wish I had the strength to zoom around Liberty Park or Temple Square!

Hmmmm….someone just posted an informative link about MG and the Empire TV program.

Wait until he has it for decades like me….and gets a bunch more autoimmune diseases to go with it. Ummm, oh….that’s right. He’s not for real and this is just TV.