Is it really gone? I wasn’t very dizzy today šŸ™‚ My head never made any whooshing noises. I had the TV on a few times. Light didn’t bother me. YIPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! What a relief!

But….it has been replaced by almost constant muscle firing. Most of the day it was the whole thumb joint in my palm. Then it moved to my left eye. Then something I never remember feeling before. About a hand width above my ear, a muscle constantly twitched and fired on my skull. We have muscles on our skulls? It must be the temporalis muscle. I already know my eye, mouth and throat muscles get weak. Creepy place to have non-stop muscle firing and twitches.

I was supposed to have a neurologist appointment this week. They called Monday morning to cancel. I was very much looking forward to being checked out for cramp fasciculation syndrome/neuromyotonia. Dang. The next appointment they could give me is in a month. Booooo hissss!

Given the choice, I would rather suffer through the buzzing, twitches, cramps, muscle firings, myoclonic jerks, etc than to be as dizzy as I was last week. All the muscle stuff makes me tired out, but at least I can think and mostly function. Better yet….I want to be all better!

There was an awkward situation today. The woman with the contagious lung infection who is gettingĀ hospice care, knocked on my door šŸ˜® I have been trying to avoid her. I don’t want what she has. She brought me a fridge magnet from her hospice company. She wanted me to be in hospice, too. I couldn’t exactly argue with her that I am not dying any time soon. She doesn’t think she is. Hospice called her family and she got all bent out of shape and says she is NOT dying! Sigh….only God knows when it will be our time. I was touched that she thought about me. Hospice is for:Ā A life-limiting illness with anĀ estimated life expectancy of six months or less.

I sure as heck wish I could get some help somewhere. We all got papers today saying that it’s time for the annual inspection in April. I sincerely wish I had a helper to vacuum, mop and scrub. My apartment is always fairly neat, but I have no strength for the in depth cleaning. If somebody wanted to make money, it would be a great service to offer to all of us seniors. Some people have major stress outs about inspections. I have to admit, when I sneak a peek in open doors, I am surprised at how much junk some folks harbor.

I think I fell asleep in the middle of writing last night. Today I only have about half as many twitches and muscle firings, but I am dizzy. Dang it! Everything happens in waves. My strength and symptoms are like the undulations of water on the beach. No sense fighting it, it just is.

It rained a little yesterday and is supposed to rain again today. The gloominess is made better by all the birds singing spring songs and watching the blossoms swaying in the wind.