I waited until the last minute to decide if I was strong enough to go to the park for FNB. Weird day. Most of the places they went to glean food had no donations. I overheard a discussion about it all. The local FNB does not have 501c3 charity status, so some places no longer want to give them food. The stores want to be able to write off their donations on their taxes. Of course this comes at a time when there are more and more people waiting in line for food. Today there were 3 new women in wheelchairs. Always lots of new people lately.

I was at the wrong end of the line, so didn’t get much. I was hoping for some zucchinis. Nope….but 4 bags of sweet potato chips. I used the half rotten onion in my breakfast eggs, though. You can see why it’s hard to stay low carb off donations.

There was another MG meeting tonight….at an expensive restaurant an hour and a half from me by public transportation. Too much money, too much strength required and too many hours travel to and fro. I vote for a cheap or free place next time! 🙂

I can’t remember most of today….in a scary sort of way! What did I do? I guess all I remember is the pain part. To go with the quivers and muscle spasms all over my body, I added a new one today. Along with fasciculations on my face, there are rippling muscles and quivering muscles….all 3 sorts happening together. I wished I had my camera with me while I was at the mirror.

The peripheral neuropathy from a couple of years ago is coming back. My arms, hands, legs and feet are getting lots of numbness, tingling and prickling. That makes me want to itch. I keep waking up from my legs moving all around the bed in my sleep. I constantly need to move them while awake to stop the worst of the tingling.

My guts are misbehaving. I definitely look more than 9 months pregnant. While I am cutting up vegetables, I accidentally brush my belly against the counter. That causes searing pain in the hernia, then my intestines stiffen up and try to do that rolling thing. Later, I had a fever and was hottest there. There were a few times I wondered if I would have to go to the ER.

The other weird thing is that I got a splinter in my right pinky finger, the same one that just had gout. Tonight BOTH hands are swollen and the owie arthritis is back. That’s just weird.

The dizziness comes and goes, but mostly stays. Lots of ringing in my ears, then it’s as if someone has the volume control for the universe and rapidly turns it off and on. Then my head does the whooooooooooooshing. Doing anything at all makes me SOB. When I quick sit back down, I can see my heart beat in my eyes….like the blinking of a microwave or other LED light.

Well, I know what my body was doing today, but I don’t remember where my brain was!