I was playing around with the Utah SNAP (food stamp) calculator. It seems that everyone gives me a hard time about how much I get…..saying it should be more. I was shocked to discover there is a earned versus unearned income bias. Because I am on disability, I get less than what someone working would get….with the same income. Insert a zillion sighs….

Something I keep forgetting to write down is what I have figured out about my left leg. Right after IVIg and solumedrol, I could walk without pain, but I realized my left leg is considerably shorter than my right. I have limped on that side as many years as I can remember. It’s my left knee that most needs replacement. I thought I was limping like that because my knee is so messed up. As the good meds wore off and it was harder and harder to stand upright, the trochanteric bursitis quickly came back. It was in that half and half place that I realized my weak MG muscles have a lot to do with all my pain. When the muscles aren’t holding my joints together, it puts strain on all sorts of structures. Well, duh, I limp because that leg is shorter! With my alignment all askew and my muscles not working, no wonder things hurt!

Geeze! Who now? Somebody must have gone down outside. No sooner did the fire truck get here, than they were putting the person in the ambulance. Then the 2 vehicles sat out there while a bunch of guys crammed into the ambulance and worked on the person. They were there a long time before slowly leaving. I always say that the two scariest things for me to do are take a shower or go out to the dumpster.

While I was looking out the window, a motorcycle went by with a bike on it! I never saw anything like that before. Looked it up and there are lots of cycles with bicycles out there. I guess I don’t get out enough any more.

Oh, oh. As I was leaving for FNB, my favorite old guy was sitting by the front door. I hadn’t seen him since he went into the hospital. He was looking good, but had watched what went on outside. A new resident had fallen near the dumpster. She was supposed to go in for all sorts of joint replacement surgery soon. I guess she crumbled 😦 My old guy also told me my other favorite old guy had money and things stolen from his apartment. He suspects either someone in the building or his cleaning lady 😦

Oh, my gosh! I have never seen so many people at FNB before. Fantastic weather on a weekend brought out the hordes. I was extremely blessed. I was second in line. This morning, as I made my breakfast scramble, I was being bummed that I only had a stub of cheese left, but 18 days until the next food stamps. I got a 4 pound package of cheese trimmings!!!!! Woooooohoooooooo!!!!! 🙂 Later, I will open the bag and freeze smaller portions.

Oh, the salt lamp reminds me. The lamps and bulbs have been dropping like flies the last couple of weeks. I put in 4 new lightbulbs and 2 of the bases disintegrated. A third is almost there. I guess it’s a combo of salt and heat that does in the plastic light sockets. Guess what’s on my wish list? Well, at least I don’t have to buy all new salt lamps.

Going to get food this morning has left me wiped out the rest of the day. Thinking is like slogging through sticky, wet mud. The weather is changing. Our high was 84, then the wind whipped up and the sun was behind clouds. There aren’t many pink petals left on the tree in a straight line of sight from my comfy chair. When I came home today, it was like going through a pink blizzard.

I have been choking for a couple of hours. I figured it was from pollen. Then I realized I was 2 hours late taking Mestinon. I can picture Heather right now. She would look at me with exasperation and say something about it’s always new for me, isn’t it? Yup. Who me? I have MG? I have taken my meds every 6 hours for how many years???? My brain is very, very tired and fuzzy…..

I hope I remember to watch Women’s Conference in an hour!