I keep having bouts of profound weakness. All I am doing is just sitting here! First the weakness creeps over me, then my heart starts pounding fast. My head hurts and I get wicked bad dizzy. Next my guts feel punched.

I took a pic of me this morning when I just felt plain old weak and droopy. Then I got up and cooked brunch. Eggs, onion, jalapeno, crimini mushrooms, sweet potato, avocado, ham, cheddar and some chipotle sauce. It was good 🙂 But the more I chewed, the weaker I got. I could feel my eyes and mouth drooping more with each chew.

I keep getting these pains between the underside of my elbow and wrist. It’s a very deep pain that makes me want to barf. It makes the veins pop out in my wrist. This pain is awful!


I have no clue what causes the whole chain of events, but it happens from time to time. Then, thanks to the neuropathy that is coming back all over me, my hands and feet turn red and burn. Mostly the palms of my hand and soles of my feet. When I run cold water over the redness, it temporarily feels better.

handturningredI really, really need a haircut! I get more money on Wednesday. I think it’s time to blow some cash on tidying up. At least I could somewhat look better while falling apart 🙂