It was hot outside at 11 AM. The sky was mostly clear. Then the wind started. By noon, the temperature went down. Later in the afternoon, the winds let up and the temperature went up. The air is dry and full of dust, dirt, grit and pollen. At first my eyes were watery, then they ran out of fluid. My dry eyes are stinging tonight!

I was among the first third of the line for Food Not Bombs in the park. I got what I most wanted 🙂 I needed more veggies for my morning egg scrambles and I was hoping for bananas and yogurt for smoothies. Score!

Now all I need is enough energy to cook. I am sooooooooo tired! I woke up this morning with a sore and swollen tongue. It keeps gettting more swollen and more sore 😦 Talking makes me cough and choke. Then the more I try to talk, the more my face droops. My left eyelid spent much of the day closed. My legs buzzed and quivered ALL night long and every time I stand up. My ribs hurt BAD from struggling to breathe. Rolling muscle spasms keep going up my back and head. My heart starts randomly beating fast. The theme of today is more myasthenia gravis symptoms. More and more and more….

The discussion of ME was a hot topic around the building today. I got snagged on my way back from FNB and again when I took out garbage and recycling. People were getting crazy mad that I am not getting more IVIg. For real, a bunch of old ladies were about to become a mob 😮 It was partly because they truly care about me….and partly because people are fed up with services for the elderly and disabled being cut.

Now that we have enjoyed this record-breaking weather, it’s time for snow….in the mountains. Between Saturday, the last day I was out, and today, was a HUGE difference! The trees that were sporting tiny leaves are now fully leafed out. New sorts of tulips and a wider variety of flowers are blooming. People have mowed their lawns. Wow 🙂 I was way too tired to take pics. Maybe next time…..