Olive and I have been hanging out today. I don’t feel well at all. I am very weak. Tremors have come back. I struggled to cook breakfast, then I had a heck of a time eating it. Food kept flinging off the fork before I could get it to my mouth. Just think about all the things that happen to me when I am getting closer to crisis. That’s me today.

For the last couple of days, I have been wishing I could get a new walker. Three or so years ago I got a small one by prescription. It was totally inadequate and could not even be adjusted to fit my height and arm length. A woman upstairs had a bigger, taller walker and begged to trade with me. Mine was new and shiny, but hers was better suited to me. But….it still wasn’t big enough. All along I wanted a walker meant for someone my size. Lately I started strategizing ways to get one. I hadn’t said a word to anyone.

Today there was a knock on my door. It was the maintenance man. He asked if I wanted a larger walker! I said sure. A woman who just moved in had a giant sized one that her relatives bought for her. She’s average sized and hated it. She asked the maintenance man to take it away. He came right to me 🙂 She got my walker, I got hers. How cool is that? And I never had to move out of my chair.

I try to always keep my cell phone with my walker. Unfortunately I have a long history of losing and misplacing my cell phone. Not so sure anyone would know what I was saying if I called 911. Sigh…..

It feels extra cold. I have been spoiled by the gorgeous weather. 50’s today. We have snow and a hard freeze alert in the forecast. So far, the lowest low on my local weather station only predicts 31 degrees.