Not much happened today. So far, nothing new hurts. My excitement of the day was going to the dumpster, then having my eye close. Doesn’t matter how many times that hapens, I always forget and am surprised when I droop.

I got up at 4 AM, took meds and sat up awhile. Then I went back to bed and slept to almost noon. This week was too much for me. I cancelled the voice appointment next week. No way do I have the strength for that again!

I read more about CIDP. The symptoms of chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy are the same as the symptoms for a bunch of other named neurological diseases. I can certainly see why the doc suspects something like that or neuromyotonia. Please tell me I cannot have every autoimmune and neurological problem! Sigh….I just want to wake up tomorrow and find out this was a bad dream and I am really still 18 years old, just before getting diagnosed with RA. Could the last 41 years just be 41 minutes of a dream? Ooops! I don’t want Heather to just be a dream, so I guess I had better stick around as-is.

Heather with sawzall (1)

Today was sunny and 70’s. Airport temps made it to 66. Lots of birds are back. They are chirping their little hearts out. The recent snow has already melted from the mountains I can see from my chair. Leaves are getting bigger and more numerous. Today the sky is blue 🙂

Several times today I longed to get on TRAX and go to the Mexican store for $5 of veggies. I just don’t have the strength. Hopefully I can make it to FNB on Saturday and will get something good. I am down to no veggies in the crisper and no onions in the basket, and if I don’t buy or get a dozen eggs, I will run out over the weekend.

Pretty quiet day. Maybe that’s a good thing 🙂