I can’t remember if I first noticed them last night or this morning. But…..now I have spots. They are kind of red/purple, they are not raised up, they do not itch and they are quickly getting bigger and darker. It looks like my arm ripped open under my skin. Really….no pain, no itch.


Olive wants to know what’s going on with mom.

I wish I could be more like Olive. I have been coughing so that my belly never stops hurting and stinging. The stupid pleurisy waxes and wanes according to how long it has been since my last Motrin. And yup….chills, fever, chills, fever…..

My head is owie and my eyeballs ache. I don’t know if I need to go to a doc and I don’t know which one to ask for help. I am thinking the open belly wound is infected again. Each time I have taken a shower lately, a few hours later, the wound is leaking yellow stuff. I wish that thing would heal up!

I feel sick.