I have several very emotional doctors. This guy sure is. He kept looking like he was going to cry. He said he has never seen me so weak or heard my voice so broken up. He does not know what the spots are. He said if it was purpura, I would have more spots than that.

I had to pee in a cup. I was off the charts for dehydration. I drink about 2 Brita pitchers worth of water each day! Ever since WNV, no matter how much I drink, I am dehydrated. Sigh….it didn’t occur to me that all those night sweats had dehydrated me. The pinch test left my skin standing up a long time.

The doc gave me a Medrol dose pack to see if it will help me get more strength, stop the spots plus be able to breathe and talk better. I have an appointment to see him again next week to see how the Medrol worked.

I was surprised that he knows what CIDP is. He seemed to think the neuro is on the right track. My face went into fasciculations while I was there, so he got to see it first hand, instead of just in a video.

I told the doc I just can’t figure out what’s going on with the neck/head/back swellings and night sweats and spots. I told him I am feeling way weaker and dizzier than usual. He looked more pained about all that than I do 😦

As he always does, the doc gave me a big hug and kiss 🙂 I figure that’s as good medicine as anything.

I came home and took some of the methylprednisolone. I hope it perks me up. I feel like I am sliding into oblivion. I don’t feel “here”.