Me and the weather have a lot in common. We change from day to day and minute to minute. For much of Monday, my left eye was drooped closed. The same way bad stuff sneaks up, so has the good Medrol 🙂 My strength comes and goes every single day of my life. I like being strong! And it sucks being weak! I wish the neuropathy would take a hike.

Oh, oh….I slept a couple of hours and woke up feeling weird at midnight. I coughed up crud for half an hour. Now I am not sleepy. I also woke up soaked in night sweats and wicked bad thirsty. I am on my third tumbler of water. I didn’t realize how awful my breathing was until it got better. Thanks to Medrol, now I can feel myself breathing all the way to the bottom of my lungs…..and it seems so easy! It’s also easier to get up from sitting. I had really been struggling lately, with both breathing and moving.

Woke up at 8 AM and felt somewhat stronger. My voice didn’t work, though. Got dressed and ready to go to FNB. I waivered back and forth, wondering if I should go. It was very windy out there. Several times last night and this morning, fire trucks rushed somewhere en masse. I could smell smoke in the air. I knocked on my neighbor’s door and waited for her to meet me outside. She saw a guy who had wanted to go, so we waited for him to get his bike. At first, there was almost no one there, even though it was time to start. At the last moment, herds of people showed up. I was about 2/3rds back in the line, but got some good stuff….and plenty of it 🙂

I got 7 cups of blueberries, some celery, 2 summer squash, one zucchini, 2 bunches of asparagus, tortillas, 2 tubs guacamole, Thai coconut curry hummus, 3 limes, sweet potato, assortment of peppers, 3 fingerling potatoes, 3 bananas, 10 cups yogurt, 2 quarts yogurt, 2 artichokes, 2 white onions, 1 tomato.

On the way home, some debris flew under my sunglasses and into my eye. By the time we got back to our apartment, my hair was full of dirt and grit. I changed into my nightgown. The top half of my skirt was so soaked in sweat, that I could have wrung it out 😮

I put away the food and made myself a brunch of onion, mushrooms, jalapeno, summer squash, tomato, sausage and eggs. I ate it with guacamole and Sriracha bbq sauce.

I had both windows wide open. It felt awfully hot out there. At 3 PM it was almost 80 and in moments, the temperature dropped more than 20 degrees. It was minutes before that, we had intense wind gusts, up to 60+ mph! The inside of the apartment was covered in grit from the desert. Outside, the air was very thick and visibility was limited. Those light poles on top of the parking garage next door, were moving several feet back and forth in the wind 😮 Plastic bags were all over the sky, along with all sorts of garbage.

I closed the windows, turned on a fan and for the first time this year, turned on the A/C and it was soon after that the outside temperature dropped so fast. I turned off the A/C and the fan is starting to feel too cool. What a day! Wind gusts in Utah went over 80 mph in some of the mountains. Of all the times, I had to towel dry my hair from sweating profusely again.

Whoa! As I was writing that, the TV news guy broke in to Dr Phil. The temp at my place has dropped 30 degrees. Trucks have been blown over, fires have burned out of control and now the rain is supposed to start in an hour. Not long after that, it’s supposed to snow….even here in the valley.

Wow! I just went through the NWS local storm report and warnings again. They say in SL County, at Parleys Canyon, there was a wind gust of 92 mph. Around 4:30 the rain started. The temperature is still dropping like a rock. I had to turn the fan away from me. It’s too cold…..but I need the air moving in here to be able to breathe. A few minutes ago we had that sickly yellow sky yhat means something bad is happening.

Whatever weather we get here seems to intensify as it gets to the plains in the midwest. I hate to think about the tornadoes that might be spawned from this! We were already experiencing hurricane force winds here. Geeze. Now in even a light wind, the light poles are rocking back and forth a great deal. I hope the DWS people know enough to inspect them and reanchor them.

My windows are gross now. I had to clean out about a quarter inch of blown in dirt before I could shut the windows. Then I had to wipe off the windowsills. Next I used my swivel mop to get the dirt and grit off the floor. Oh, My Gosh! Doing just the open areas, the washable mop pad was coated in a thick layer of crud. I put it under running water and got a whole handful of gunk in my hand to toss in the trash. I can still see particulates in the air within my apartment. Gross! The outside windows are coated in dirt. Whenever raindrops blow against the glass, it leaves mud trails.

Good thing I got my meds yesterday and the food today. Wednesday is going to be a stay at home day. The forecast says snow will start around 10 PM tonight and last until Wednesday afternoon when it turns to rain again. We are supposed to get 1 to 3 inches of snow here in the valley.

Eeek! A many car pile up, wildfires, houses burning down, dust storms, rain and snow causing accidents. The news tonight is scary.

Pffffttt…I wondered why the weather outside sounded funny. It’s snowing GIGANTIC snowflakes….and it’s only 5:30 PM. Sooooooo glad I don’t have to go anywhere!

My breathing isn’t all that great tonight after the dust storm. I hope I feel better after my next dose of Medrol. I still think somebody needs to figure out what part of me is infected. I shouldn’t be sweating so much or be burning up 😦 Thank goodness for horse pill sized Motrin! 🙂 I reread that and realized I was way late taking my Mestinon. I don’t need it as desperately as I did before Medrol. Yes!