Well…..this is definitely the longest snowstorm we have had all winter. At no point today has the snow stopped. Some places in the mountains have gotten over 3 feet, and it’s still coming down.

The temperature started going up tonight, so snow is sliding off vehicles, but it’s not warm enough to be rain.

I went out earlier to take out garbage and recycling. Not only did my eye NOT droop, I could talk! And I could smile! That took me by surprise! 🙂 I don’t really feel good, but I am strong enough to breathe and talk. I’ll take it! Thank you Medrol 🙂

It was food bank day. I donated back more than half of what was in my box. Here’s what I kept. I didn’t want any plastic cheese, potato flakes, oatmeal, Ensure, grape juice and goldfish shaped sandwich breads. I would rather have a pound of cheddar cheese or a hunk of meat than all that put together. Carbs, carbs and more carbs are not the best choice for a bunch of old folks with diabetes.

I went out to the lobby again after 6 PM. Lots of people commented on how much better I looked. A couple of women told me I had looked awful a few days ago. Hmmmmm…..

Why is it that every night, I remember who I was supposed to call during business hours? I write it all down….then forget.

I got an email from Yelp. It was cruel! It featured delis in SLC and had this picture. Sigh….it made me hungry for MEAT…..like pork or beef. Mmmmmmmm……I would like to be rich for a week!