A couple of times, the sun started to come out and I thought the storm was over. Then it just kept snowing even harder! The snow is just finer flakes. Harder to see, but it’s still coming down at a good clip. I think this is the most snow we have gotten this “winter”. We are right at freezing, so much of the snow is melting. The poor flowers! At least everything is getting some moisture. The sprinklers haven’t been turned on yet.

I feel…..strange. I can tell I am getting less Medrol. I feel somewhat artificially stronger, while also feeling weak and spacey. I suppose the weather fluctuations do a number on how I feel. When the storm first hit, I felt relief. Now I feel heavy and dopey.

I am very grateful that the power remained on here. There were a couple of flickers yesterday, but it didn’t go out. Earlier there were about 10,000 people without power. I was reading about the dust storm yesterday. They used the same word I did…GRIT. Supposedly we only have a dust storm that bad once a decade.

There are a couple of images from space showing the dust coming towards us 😮

Geeze! It’s more than 40 degrees colder right now than it was yesterday at this time. And the sky has gotten darker and the snow is coming down harder. I will never forget the time weather was like this in Syracuse in the 70’s. I was at Syracuse University, playing frisbee on the quad with my dog, Raku, and then we lounged on the grass. It was a gorgeous spring day. The next day we had a blizzard.

So…on the news they just said this is only the third time this season that we had accumulating snow in SLC. I remember one of those days was Christmas…when we all sat out in the snow because the crazy woman caught her apartment on fire. That was fun :-p