It’s always interesting to see how my brain puts random info together to dream about. In my dream, I was helping someone I know to sell food, then I got to have some ice cream! As a bunch of people were sitting outside, a squadron of planes flew towards us, dropping bombs. Then in real life, I get up, look out the window and found a very creepy, ominous sky.

Today is actually supposed to be a decent weather day.The high will be above 60 and it will be partly sunny….I hope.

I have decided that I will trust that I can get out to go shopping once a week. I am going to try to better ration out my SNAP money. $30 the first week, then $20 other weeks. Then I won’t go 2 weeks without money for fresh stuff and eggs. This month will be my experiment to see if that works better.

Good thing I just saw this on TV! It’s that time of year again. Stuff will be happening to block my street from time to time for the rest of the season. This weekend it’s the SLC Marathon. Not a good time to go grocery shopping. I had better find the energy today.

You know what else is back? I have gone beyond ear ringing and when I stand up, my head does that wwwwwrrrrrowwwwww…. wwwwwrrrrrowwwwww…. wwwwwrrrrrowwwwww thing. Then when I sit back down after that, my eyes flash my heartbeat like a microwave clock light when the power goes off. Ugh! Queasy 😦

This afternoon I put my wallet in my wheelchair pocket, but didn’t put on a coat and didn’t bring shopping bags. I thought I would go out in the parking lot and test the temps and my strength. I just kept on going 🙂 I went to the Courthouse TRAX stop and left my shopping choice up to fate. The Green line came along first, so I went to Rancho Market. I spent a whopping $16.98 on 3 avocados, 2 red onions, 3 yellow onions, a pound of espaldilla de res (thinly sliced beef chuck), a hunk of queso cremoso (sort of like mozarella), 6 big Roma tomatoes, 4 Mexican squash, 4 bananas and a box of ice cream. I was only interested in the ice cream and bananas today. My throat hurts sooooooooo bad! The lymphs are so swollen that it’s hard to swallow.

Came home by going past City Hall. I can’t believe how quickly I forget! I was surprised when I got to part of my street closed off for the marathon. On the news tonight, they were talking about the cost. People PAY $90 to run! I don’t get it. I should read up on marathons to see what it’s all about.

Oh, oh, the ambulance and fire truck showed up and took away someone from the other hallway. When I stuck my head out my door to see where the ambulance crew was going, I saw papers hung by my door. I got the official notice. Rent goes up to $525/month on June 1st. I also got a packet of paperwork to fill out and a reminder that next week is the semi-annual apartment inspection. Sigh….I wish I had an energetic friend. My floors are in need of a good cleaning.

Which reminds me, I got a few emails this week from people wanting to help me out. If you have enough resources for yourself and you are bent on buying me something, I always have a list going on Amazon. Those are the sort of things I just can’t afford for myself….stuff like toilet paper, kleenexes, Miralax, probiotics, cat food and litter, etc. I am always amazed that people can and do help me out! I don’t know what I would do without you! And don’t feel bad if you are like me and don’t have money to spend. Good thoughts, prayers, etc. are just as important. Thanks 🙂

Another oh, no! A woman with MG, here in Utah, just got hospitalized with a 104 degree fever tonight. I wonder if it’s just her or if something is going around? For us MG’ers, fever is bad. It makes the MG much worse 😦 I hope the docs help her ASAP.

I got a letter in the mail from my neuro’s office. He asks for a 3 month temporary time of unlimited Paratransit, then says he will re-evaluate if I still need it then. I am not sure if it was FAXed to Paratransit or if I am supposed to send it along? One more thing I need to try to remember to do next week.

Still no email from the lawyers or letter from my insurance about IVIg. I am soooooooo confused about what to do! Each person gives me different advice about which comapny to pick. Should I stay with the docs and insurance company I have? Or should I switch and just hope for the best? My neuro only takes those two companies. There’s no guarantee that the other brand of insurance will say yes to monthly IVIg.

I only have 2 Medrol pills left. One before bed and one before breakfast. I am getting weak fast. I can feel the lump coming back in my throat that stops me from swallowing and talking. My neck is weak and my head nodding. I am not strong enough to hold my head up. You have no idea how awful it is to slide back into bad MG yet again :-(Somebody started an MG awareness campaign that is spreading on FB. I need to go learn how to do that thing where 4 pictures go into a frame and writing goes over it. #IhaveheardofMG