Just before FNB, I went 3 blocks from here to see if the marathon finish line was exciting. I got there just as the first woman came through. 2015 Salt Lake City Marathon women’s champion…former BYU runner Nicole Lyons, with an official time of 2:58:38. Earlier, for a couple of hours, I watched as the short timer runners and walkers, bicyclists and skaters went by my apartment…as I sat inside, in my comfy chair 🙂 I said hi to a woman who ran 26 miles. I was worn out just going a few blocks in my power chair! The only freebie at the finish line was a personalized luggage tag from Alaska Airlines. No thanks.

We broke all records for the number of people at FNB for free food today. Figures….I had monster-sized myoclonic jerks while waiting in line, with all those people watching me :-/

I got pizza, eggrolls, bananas, red potatoes, blue tortilla chips, apple, 3 mushrooms, bag of chopped salad, egg salad, antipasta and 2 summer squash. Mentally erase the 2 sourdough breads, ww bread, ciabatta bread and apple rolls. Once I got home, I realized the breads won’t fit into my freezer. Bananas are more important space users. So, I will eat some bread, and feed the rest to the pigeons.

I didn’t have breakfast before I left, so I was real hungry by the time I got home. I had the chopped salad mixed with a tomato and avocado from yesterday’s trip and 2 slices of the sourdough bread.

About ten minutes after eating, I got weak all over, my eyes drooped, my chest hurts and I can hardly hold my head up. Then I realized I am now officially back to being weak. Chewing bread and salad put me over the edge. Not amused! It’s amazing how wiped out tired I can get from eating.

Ugh…late afternoon and I am like a car that has run out of gas. It sure is painful to go back to having such weak muscles 😦 Feels kind of like climbing back in a dead body. Sigh…..

I am not very nice. Some woman with MG complained that she last took MG meds in January and doesn’t want to start again. I kind of wanted to kick her. I take MG meds every 6 hours or less. And I need several kinds. At least it’s not like the old days when I had to take Mestinon every 2 hours! So tired of being sick and tired……